Monday, January 31, 2011

Crazy Dreams - Cycle day 7.IVF

Today I did my first Orgalutron shot this morning, after it all being fine at the clinic yesterday. So now I have a shot morning and night and boy I'm feeling it! I had some crazy dreams last night, and I mean crazy! felt like i had about 50 dreams back to back and about really random people and stupid things.I also woke up sweating (there's those wonderful hot flushes).

Unfortunately this isn't going to be a very funny post, as it's all not very funny. I am feeling the full effects of all this and to be honest it's damn hard.It has got harder over the weekend and today. I'm finding it hard looking after the 2 boys I care for, I don't want to work, I want to go to bed. 

Last night again I didn't feel flash, I ended up having to do 2 injection's instead of 1, as we had a wee bit of Puregon left in one vile and then we had to change it over and inject the rest out of the new vile. Had another wee cry again last night for no reason, just told my Gardener Guy that it was hard and i didn't want to cook dinner and I started crying, was very short lived once he gave me a hug. I think I really underestimated how out of sorts I would start to feel, not that I'm complaining, I'm so glad to be doing this, it's so amazing what can be done these days to help people out. My mum also had endometriosis like me, but alot more severe, and it was only by a miracle that she had me, they tried for more children but never succeeded, she always says now that had they know about IVF and it was more widely used back then, then perhaps I would have a brother or sister. Being an only child makes me want a big family so bad. I vision myself being like the tv show "Brother's and Sister's", I'm Nora, with all her children to keep her busy!.

So tomorrow is my first scan! yah... am really looking forward to it, but nervous, I don't want to fall short at the first hurdle and not have many follicles growing, please let me have a good start. 

That's all for today, Ill try and have a nap this afternoon, hopefully the weird dreams stay away, who knows I could have a weird dream about you!! 


  1. Oh my poor thing!!! Hugs!!!
    I have been gone in Las Vegas for business and I am just catching up! I am so sorry you are at this stage of the pain game:(....I am here for you...I will soon be where you are. It is so great that your hubby is so patient and loving. sometimes I guess a hug is all we need. This is so stressful and hard...:( I love the show Brothers and sisters. I have to say it gets a little too dramatic for me though..the most dramatic i can handle is desperate housewives..I need some humor through it all. Are you doing anything to take care of yourself and like watching your favorite comedies or taking long baths with lavender or rose scent? Hmm...I hope your day gets better:)

  2. Hang in there and keep us posted on your scan tomorrow.

  3. Good luck with your scan today and hope the dreams quieten down... but eventually help you fulfil your ultimate dream :) xo

  4. Thank you so much for your gorgeous comment on my blog... I was feeling as though the babyloss and infertility journey was a long and lonely one, until I started blogging a week ago :)) xo

  5. Good luck tomorrow (today?) at your first scan! I really hope you get a great report:)

  6. All the fertility drugs are rough. They turn you into a hot, tearful mess! Hang in there and know that this is only temporary! I hope the scan goes well!