Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's the small things in life

Don't you think its the small things in life that tend to count for the most? A kind gesture from someone may make your day brighter, just something small generally counts for so much. And this is definitely true when referring to caring for your baby. A bad day may all of a sudden become alot better just because of one small thing.

When Alfie was really small, there were definitely times where I thought "oh my god, how long is it going to be like this for"? , is he still going to be power chucking when he is 21? Am I doomed to have a house covered in spew forever? Will I ever get to sit down and watch Coro again? yes you heard right, don't judge, Coro rocks and that's all I need to say on the matter. I remember sometimes feeling a bit over whelmed by the sheer time a small person took up, Alfie fed alot! he was very small so I think he didn't have alot at a time, I couldn't quite work out how he was so damn hungry all the time! The day would be taken up by feeding, burping, followed by of course a spew, then I had to clean all that up, then settle him down to sleep, then i could quickly eat etc, then he was up again! Some days I would literally turn my head and it had gone from being 9am to 3pm! how did that happen! I was very lucky though as he was and still is an amazing sleeper and very rarely cries. Any how my point being in those early days I really needed some little things to get me through. And there were plenty, all those small wee firsts that may seem like nothing to other people but were huge to us, they made all the spew all worth while!

These days life has got back to normal, Alfie will be 5 months next week and its still the little things that continue to amaze me. His gorgeous smiles which we just cant get enough of, his first laugh which is literally the sweetest sound we will ever hear, his first roll, which was like cheering on an Olympic athlete! seriously you will never hear as much encouragement in the up coming London Olympic sideline's as you will coming from our lounge! "go, go, you can do it"!!! and then when he does its applause all round.....WOOOOO.........YAH!!, he's probably lying down there thinking "what the hell is all the commotion about, calm down, I only rolled, i didn't split an atom".

I think in life it really really is the small things in life that count for the most, not all the big major things, Sometimes all you need is to come home and have the warm fire raging, a cup of coffee made for you and a cute little someone flash you a cheeky grin and that's what makes your day. Small things add up to a big load of happiness, small things don't cost money, small things don't require an amazing skill, small things don't take alot of time, so with that in mind, go do one small thing for someone and make their day.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dribbles, poo, spew and everything in between, not forgetting those heart warming smiles and giggles.

So I am back and badder than ever. Well that's not really true. I'm back and fatter than ever, ok that's not really true either, I mean I'm no supermodel, I'm no Miranda Kerr after baby, but I'm looking ok. So lets just say I'm back and bolder than ever.

Since our little treasure was born it has been a bit busy, a bit!!!!!!!!!! a fricken bit!!!!! more like alot. Who knew having a baby took so much time? well I sure as hell know that now. But here we are and Alfie is 4 and a half months and everything is under control, honestly it is! He is a great happy wee chap, he sleeps through the night, he is having solids now, he is just a darling. I seem to have time to sit here and write about a load of crap so that must mean something.

So what is this blog going to be all about? advice? hell no? I have no advice, we just do what we think is right for Alfie, I don't claim to be an expert on anything, all I will do is write about what works for us, what doesn't work for us, and really I think every mother is the best mother for their own baby. I am the best mother for Alfie, and you are the best mother for your baby, and if you don't have a baby yet, well when you do, you will be the best mother for your baby. I will talk about some of the new things we are coming across as parents, and anything really....... lets just see how it goes.

I am loving staying at home with Alfie despite the fact that we have no money, and when I say no money I really mean it, I'm not one of those knobs that says "oh we are really broke this week", as they get on their blackberry and transfer $10,000 from their savings account to pay for a 5 course meal, for me its more like I get on my Iphone and transfer $5 from my savings account to hopefully pay for a packet of loo paper after being declined at the supermarket! "sorry mam you have no money, you cant even afford damn shit paper"! .....oh fuck off! I have a baby, so what, who needs loo paper anyhow?, Anyhow, slight exxageration so lets just say being at home and being with him is a total joy, look at that little face would ya! and don't worry, I will be reminding him in a few years that he owes us $26,000. He can split the cost with the frozen embryo that hopefully will becomes his sister (notice i said sister, yes I want a girl, I want pretty clothes),so I figure once he steps into employment, say in about 5 years, he can start paying us off for the hefty price we paid to get him here and then we can buy loo paper till our hearts content, and even get a 5 course meal! or even better, get a 5 course meal and take our own fancy 2 ply loo paper with us, that's how we roll, loo paper falling out of my handbag getting dragged through the restaurant, people staring, sniggering, laughing, not too worry, its 2 ply and has pictures of cute little dogs on it. OK....  So off track again there....He will be 20 weeks tomorrow, he is cool! he smiles and laughs and just gazes up at me all day! he sleeps through the night now, he goes down at 7.30pm and sleeps through till about 7-8am. He sleeps great during the day and he is just a really cruisy happy baby. Jealous? you should be! hehe..... Kidding.

So as I said in my new "about me" description, hold onto your pinnies ladies, hold onto your nappies babies, and well hold onto your hold onto your belt? tie? ok, lets just say sit down and read men, we know men cant multi task. Join me, the hubby and baby Alfie as we fumble our way through life together, it may not always be easy but it will always be lived together and that's all that matters.