Saturday, June 11, 2011

Feel like shit

Tonight I feel shit. I feel discouraged, I feel like this is all over, i feel mad at everyone and everything and I just want this all to end and find out what the hell is going on.

So you may be asking, what on earth has happened, you were so upbeat. Well I have been having a few cramps tonight, that feel like period cramps, I do know all too well that this could very well be a good thing, I know pregnancy cramping is meant to feel the same as period cramps and I do know if I am pregnant there is so much going on down there that can give me cramps so I know I should calm down but its damn hard when I have to live with my body everyday, I have to feel every stupid twinge and wonder what it is. It sucks.

Below I am going to list some symptoms I am having and what could possibly be causing it.

* Period type cramps, these come and go and have been most strong today, I currently have them right now, not particularly sore but very similar to period cramps, although my period wouldn't be due till blood test day on Tuesday. Possible explanation: Asshole Period or our little baby burying itself in nice and tight and everything getting sorted down stairs for its long stay.

* Extremely dry throat, feels like I need to drink constantly, not really sore, just feels dry in the back of my throat. Possible explanation: I'm getting a cold or I'm pregnant, I have heard this being a strange pregnancy symptom.

* Slight dizziness. Happening  now and then, mostly when I stand up from sitting. Possible explanation: I'm going mentally insane or I'm pregnant

* Strange twinges in ovarian area. Possible explanation: who the hell knows? or my baby!

* Snappiness towards gardener guy. Possible explanation: Stress, all this is getting to me or I'm getting my period hence the anger or pregnancy can apparently bring on this behavior.

Who had any of these symptoms and became pregnant, who is going through their two week wait and what are your symptoms?

That is it really, It is just these damn cramps that are getting me down, they just feel a little too familiar but then I am also thinking I'm not due for my period till Tuesday. It's so hard to stay positive when my body is playing tricks on me and stressing me out. I'm starting to worry about going to the toilet and wiping and seeing blood, I don't want to look, I don't want to know. I am still putting the pessaries up there 3 times a day, so obviously I wash my hands after this and if there is blood I will see it, so I cant really avoid that. I'm just fed up now, the two week wait is awful, I thought I was doing well and now that the results are 2 and a half days away I just cant bear it anymore.  
I just don't wont to do this anymore, I don't think its fair that I have to put up with all this, why have I become the unlucky one that has to endure all this crap and how the hell can something seem so close one day and so far away the next?


  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. During my 2ww I had several mild period-like cramps for about an hour at a time. When I got the cramps I would lay down in bed until it went away. I am happy to report that i just got a bfp, so try not to get down about the could possibly be good cramps. Have my fingers and toes crossed for you.

  2. Thirst was my biggest pg. symptom, I could not drink enough water. Hang in there, this may be it!

  3. Oh honey. I hear ya. The 2WW is miserable. Everything points either direction. I just went through this. Hopefully you'll get your BFP and it'll all be worth it. We're due for some good news around here! It ain't over till the Red B!+CH sings!


  4. what!!? Two and a half more days..I can not believe it! Okay...take a deep breathe! Breathe i tell you!!! ( imagine me slapping you across the face) had all these symptoms! And I feared going to the bathroom and my husband feared me more than ever during this time! i am so sorry this is going on for you again!

  5. When you figure it out let me know! I've been having pretty much the same stuff and my 2WW ends on Tuesday. To get their with a little sanity I've opted to follow Wintson Curchhill's advice..."when you're going through hell - keep going".

  6. Not long for you now - 2 sleeps! You are lucky to have symptoms, so this could be it for you (at least I really hope so). I am 13DPO/9DP4DT today and have no symptoms whatsoever, other than the fact that AF didn't show up today, so I have no idea what to think! I have everything crossed that you get a positive result on Tuesday :)

  7. this post captures perfectly the crazy that is the 2ww. I am sorry you are feeling so bad and hope the time starts go quickly for you (although I know that it hardly seems to do that during the 2ww). sending luck and love your way...

  8. Im laughing only to the fact that the way you felt Saturday was my day Friday and I was only half way through my 2ww but this being a short week..Im hoping it flies by...its so terrible but you cant help analysing things no matter what people tell you...and Im hoping that all such symptoms are that your pregnant