Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cycle day 28. It can be funny.

Today is cycle day 28. Big deal! Does this really deserve a post, Probably not. I am a 28 day cycle gal, sometimes 29, sometime 30. So really who the hell knows. Before fertility treatment I was 28 days, bang on, I could tell you that at 1.28pm I was going to get my period, It was that predictable, now days its a bit trickier, a few day's over 28 is nothing abnormal. Anything over 30 days though would be very fishy indeed, some kind of conspiracy would be happening if it went over 30. 

Anyhow, being on day 28 today I'm feeling good. Not too mentally insane, but that's not to say that every time I go to the toilet I'm not staring into my knickers like I'm some kind of visually impaired woman. Hmmmm.....What's that I see there? could that be blood? oh no wait a minute its just the red pattern on my knickers. Why do I behave like this, Why do I start thinking that my eyes are not working right and I must practically press my eye right into my panties just to try and see something. News's flash, I actually am not blind, I can see perfectly fine, If I don't do this during the rest of the month, why all of sudden have I gained a sight problem today. Get a grip woman. Actually get a grip times ten! If IVF cant work, how the hell can a natural cycle work? really. But somewhere in the back of my muddled up mind, I think it might work. This is a wee bit different after all, its a natural cycle with extras. Its like having a boring old bowl of natural muesli, but then adding a few kind of exciting toppings, a banana, perhaps a few nuts and yoghurt. Just like this cycle, its natural with a few added toppings, by this I mean the Chinese herbs and the acupuncture.  

Really we can all guess what will happen over the next few days. I will go to the toilet, see a bit of spotting, I will again question my eyesight, then I will remind myself I am not blind and what I am seeing is infact my period, I will get really mad, I will get a bit sad, and finally I will accept it and move on as this only means I'm one more cycle closer to IVF number 2. 

Today I went to a second hand clothing shop and got myself a dress, and couldn't resist a pair of baby havaiana's. Far too cute to walk past, they are just like the havaiana jandals me and my husband wear except they have a little strap at the back and are in mini size. so cute! when our child wears those he/she is sure to be cool and quite possibly fatherless. As I sit here writing this I'm watching my husband trying to cut a large branch off a tree, while bits of the tree are coming falling down, not too far from his head!. I just got called outside to pull on a rope that was hoisted around the tree, It was some kind of pulley system, I'm no lumberjack but It all seemed a bit dodgy to me, anyhow I pulled, he cut and it came tumbling down. I think that my role of pulling on the rope didn't go quite as planned, as in I didn't really pull it at all, more just held it while I watched the branch come down crushing my husband! well no not really but he now thinks he has a broken finger. perhaps his tree trimming days are over, before there is more of an accident and then the child wearing the cool havaiana jandals only has a mum and a well manicured tree. 

This post is a bit all over the place today, talks about a possible blind woman, baby jandals, and a tree. Put the 3 together and you get one weird family, A woman who may or may not have sight problems, more likely problems in the head, a child with the coolest footwear in town and a man striving to have the best trimmed tree regardless of weather he is causing danger to himself to do so. That pretty much sums up my life, Weird. Funny but weird. Me and Gardener guy are weirdo's, the poor child that becomes ours, oh dear! but their cool jandals might cancel out the fact that they have parents that are one banana short of a fruit salad!


  1. Ha! I think my son was in those little blue Haviana thongs before he could walk. They r cool and now he has quite a colourful selection. Your baby will be cool no matter what their footwear!! Here's hoping that u get the shock of your life this cycle..xo

  2. It's still good to have that little bit of hope cos who knows!Will keep fingers crossed for ya.
    Oh I love the baby havaianas too-super cute :)

  3. My cycle was that predictable before too! It is frustrating that now it is so all over the place that I have absolutely no idea when it might show itself again - my cycle has run anywhere from 28-56 days! So frustrating!
    Love that you bought the baby havaianas! too cute!
    Praying that you get a miracle this month!

  4. I was always 26-28 days, now I'm around 30 and its driving me nuts!!!
    Hope the only red you see is from those knickers of yours :)

  5. Your future child is going to be so lucky to have such cool parents as you and Gardener Guy!!!