Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can you say WOW! 12 Week Scan

So we have just got home from our 12 week scan, and my goodness it was very very amazing! Me and gardener guy were so amazed by the clarity of the scan and what we could see, it was very cool.

Ill first explain the above two pictures, these are my favourite two. The top one is clearly a picture of it's whole body, you can clearly see its head, body and legs, its arms are tucked behind its back, like it is lying on its arms.You can also clearly see its nose and mouth. 

The second picture I really liked as thought it was very clear of its little arms and hands. On the left hand side you can clearly see its bend arm and its hand and on the right side picture the circle thing is its head and underneath its head is its hand, so it was resting its head on its hand.

We were given a big print out picture of a whole body shot and a disk with 20 other pictures of lots of different body parts. 

When I was told to lie down on the bed I just knew then that I had nothing to worry about it all felt like it was fine, and straight away there was our little baby, it was up on a big screen on the wall so we both got a good view. I could feel the amazement radiating off gardener guy as we saw everything. 

To begin with the baby was asleep! how cute is that, typical mid day napper, takes after me. So it wasn't moving, I said to the nurse that lots of woman had said their baby was moving lots and why wasn't ours, but after she pushed around on my belly a bit more it suddenly woke up! that was really cool! it started wriggling around and turning onto its side and then we saw it put its hand up to its face, and I tell ya it was just all so clear! one thing it kept doing which the nurse commented on was putting its face down so its chin was touching its chest and then stretching its legs right out, the nurse said it was funny as it was trying to curl its face up into its chest. Another pretty amazing sight was seeing its heart beating away in its chest, its was like you could see right through its chest and see the little pulsing heart.

So as you can tell all in all we were left amazed and happy. And yes it does make it more real, well some what, I still cant believe that baby on the screen is growing inside of me, I literally never thought I would ever see this day, I was convinced it would never come ever. I think anyone who is having IVF should try to believe that it will work, I cant thank IVF enough for what I saw today, If we hadn't done IVF I know for sure I wouldn't be where I am now, and who knows if I ever would have been in the future. As much as I cursed the whole damn thing and hated it and at times wanted to lie in bed and never get up again I'm so damn glad I kept going. 

Now we just look forward to our next midwife appointment in 2 weeks time and we will get the results from the scan as to weather the baby is at high or low risk of being down syndrome, not that it matters but that's what the scan and blood results will tell us. Our next scan will be in 8 weeks time and then we can find out the sex, lets just hope the baby co-operates and isn't napping away with its legs crossed, a nice big stretch at the right time would be appreciated thanks little baby or you may just be wearing white clothes for the rest of your life!


  1. Awwwww, what a precious little bundle. :)

  2. How cute!!! I love what you said about IVF, I feel exactly the same way!

  3. Your words are so true IVF is amazing and I am thankful for it everyday

  4. Very, very amazing, the scan is very clear and I can clearly its forming body. A bundle of joy! http://wwwiphone431unlock.com