Tuesday, June 21, 2011

5 Weeks!

Hi all, so we have made it through the week. I am now 5 weeks pregnant. Can I give birth yet? What a bloody long way to go! Gardener guy thinks I'm moaning already, Imagine how worse things are going to get for him, poor bastard!

Not that I expected to not make it to 5 weeks, but it's always a worry and I guess it will continue to be a worry. Will this pregnancy carry on? I think so, I am feeling relaxed and optimistic but as with anyone, natural or assisted pregnancy's there is always a chance for a miscarriage.But that's all I'm saying about that topic, its a waste of my time talking about something that isn't happening.

Over the last few days me and gardener guy have continued to feel happy and just continue to realise that this has actually happened to us! wow! It's pretty much still wow, all the time. 

Today I got a pregnancy pack in the mail from my clinic with lots of pamphlets and useful information. The most interesting for me was "coping with pregnancy after infertility", it went on to explain that often its a strange time as you go from having your whole life consumed by conceiving to then being pregnant and it can be a bit of a scary time, thinking that this isn't really happening and finding it hard to look to the future are all very common feelings apparently, as is the pessimistic attitude. I understand this, as with infertility so often I started to feel pessimistic, like it was never going to work, I was doomed to never be happy, and I guess when an infertile person becomes pregnant its also hard to believe that all your heartache is actually over and you can be happy. I don't really think myself personally that I am feeling any of this but its interesting to read all this and I understand why people would feel like this. 

I have been given alot of pregnancy books from friends so I'm just trying to get my head around all the information in those! I have another blood test on Friday so I hope my HCG levels continue to rise nicely. Speaking of HCG levels, I got a really interesting comment on my last blog post from a woman who had very similar HCG levels to mine and she is expecting twins!! oh shit! For anyone who is unclear what I mean, basically if you have 2 babies in your uterus, they are both producing HCG, therefore your numbers will be higher. Mine went from 100 to 696, I didn't think that was overly high, but this woman who is expecting twins had similar numbers. Anyhow there is no way of knowing how many babies are in there till our scan, my HCG may just be rising quick, which is fine, Its better than having low numbers. I don't think there is 2 in there but hey who knows! imagine that, going from struggling to get one baby to having two! now that would be crazy!.ha

I rang a midwife yesterday (she was referred to me by my friend), and she was on leave, I spoke to her backup midwife who told me to leave her a message and she doesn't think she is yet filled up for March so I will hear from her next week which will be good. I like to get everything sorted so I'm not left panicking.

Physically still nothing. I have spoken to a few people who said that they never felt sick till about 6 weeks, so perhaps I have a week under my belt to feel good. I know I shouldn't say this as I'm bound to regret it but I really want to start feeling something, I cant wait to get big! I bet I will look back and think "what the hell were you thinking you crazy girl". My boobs have started to feel a bit tingly and aching occasionally and I feel a wee bit tired but nothing major. Our baby is actually only the size of like a grain of rice so what do I expect!! common little rice, grow!

Soon my little grain of rice will be the size of a giant pumpkin or something like that and I will be rolling around the house wishing for my little small rice size baby back.  But hey, I'm happy, my little rice will get to a big pumpkin soon and then I will have my little baby and I can stop referring to him/her as items of food (no more, "hey fat pumpkin, come and put your shoes on") and actually put a face to our baby. how exciting!


  1. I never got morning sickness, but I definitely had nausea and food aversions! I just had my first bit of steak today since being pregnant! Chicken breast still makes me want to gag! LOL

    At 15 dpo my beta was 176 and then at 17 dpo my beta was 692... 2 days later. Your HCG is supposed to double every two days and mine tripled! Can't wait to hear what yours is on friday!

  2. You're off to a wonderful start! I remember when my little baby was the size of an apple seed. Now, it's an orange, or something (15 weeks). It's so exciting! Enjoy not being sick. I started feeling nauseous at about 6 weeks and I'm STILL throwing up. It's awful. But, so worth it!!! Pregnancy after infertility is very hard, and I'm still adapting to it, but as the weeks pass by, I'm sure you'll see the reality that your dream has finally come true! So exciting! :)

  3. Great to hear no MS but women like us with IF we want MS to show us everything is ok we are so funny...I was feeling slightly nauseous today but had an afternoon nap then all ok...Great to see HCG levels rising woohoo

  4. 5 weeks! Woohoo!!! I love that your clinic gave you information about pregnancy after infertility. This is so very nice, and helpful. Can't wait to hear the next high beta!

  5. Wouldn't it be awesome if you were expecting twins?! I have a very dear friend whom this happened to. She and her DH struggled for years to conceive, and then finally, not only was she pregnant, but found out she was pregnant with twins! She is mommy to two beautiful little girls! So, you never know! If you do have twins it will just be double the blessing! Me personally, I think it would be awesome to have twins, but I'll just be over-the-moon happy if I can be blessed with one little angel soon. Best of luck and hope things continue to go well for you and your little bean(s). =]

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