Wednesday, October 12, 2011

21 week update

This above picture is of a baby born VERY premature at 21 weeks! scary aye! This is something like what my little boy looks like at the moment! A wee bit on the skinny side! But isn't it amazing that a baby born at 21 weeks does actually have the ability to survive. The main concern would be that the lungs aren't fully developed but as you can see everything else is pretty much sorted. How sad and scary would it be if your baby was born at 21 weeks, never knowing if it was going to survive or not, that would be hard. My little boy can just stay put for now thank you very much.

So yesterday I had my midwife appointment, all went well, we got given a book to fill out with her with all my details. All went well and not too much to report there really, we have our next appointment at 25 weeks and then another one at 28 weeks, I am meeting her at the hospital for my 28 week appointment as I need to get another Anti D injection due to my negative blood type, then after that my appointments will be increasing to every fortnight. Then at 36 weeks they are every week. I spoke to her about not wanting to stay in hospital if possible and she was really great about this and said to me if the baby is feeding ok then I can leave whenever I like, she wrote this down in my notes so she remembers that I surely want to get out of there as soon as possible! We discussed what support I will have when the baby is born, family etc and also we talked about her back up midwife who I will meet further down the pregnancy as she may end up delivering the baby or taking appointments if my lead midwife is unavailable.

Unfortunately I haven't been very well over the last week. Me and gardener guy went out for dinner last Saturday and  I really did behave like a big fat pig, no exxageration, I probably needed to be locked in a sty with the rest of the pigs. I had bread and dips for entree, but I tell you, there was practically a whole loaf of assorted breads and I ate it all. I also ate one of gardener guys chicken tenderloins. I then had a very heavy stogy Pork belly main with Mash, spinach, caramelized onions and gravy, for dessert I had a very heavy Sticky date pudding with caramel sauce. So this all sounds great right? and believe me it was, but then when I got home I pretty much went to bed straight away and I guess my little man didn't really appreciate all that heavy food. He was wriggling and kicking and shooting around in there like crazy! on top of this I developed these horrible pains in my stomach, and started vomiting. This went on all night and I never managed to get to sleep until 7am, it was dreadful! I spent most of Sunday in bed trying to catch up on my sleep and most of Sunday night still feeling pretty rough.

Aside from that I am going to discuss the piles again. No they are not back, but I don't think they ever really cleared up, its hard for something to clear when every time you walk it rubs! get my drift. Anyhow it has still been pretty sore and uncomfortable and itchy and I have still been applying the cream, Its just horrible, Ive really had enough of it, I currently just changed out of my jeans into these really unattractive loose yoga looking pants as I was so itchy, I think the looser the clothing the better. If anyone has any helpful suggestions please let me know. I'm desperate.

On a lighter note gardener guy has sanded and  painted the baby's drawers and put cute little red car handles on them, they look great. He has also made a bookcase for him and this will also have the tv on top of it, so when I am feeding I can watch tv in his room. He is yet to sand and paint these but when he does I'm sure it will look great. I have ordered the bedding so I cant wait to get that and have just had most of the wall art I ordered arrive in the post today too.I think we will try and hold off a few more weeks until we go nuts and decorate his room, although gardener guy keeps asking me when he can assemble the cot etc, I keep telling him to finish the painting and wait till I get the highchair and it can all be done at once. But yes we both want to get it all done.

The little guy is wriggling around like crazy now, sometimes I feel him move and kick just continuously, its really cool. the other night when I was lying flat I put my hand on my belly and for the first time I felt the kick on my hand! It's so weird feeling the movement from inside then feeling him on my hand. I screamed out to gardener guy like some kind of rampant hiena and told him of the new happening and pushed his hand onto my stomach, but sadly for gardener guy the baby stopped moving, so he is yet to feel a movement. 

So that's whats happening in my corner of the world for now. More updates and some more news as it unfolds


  1. Sounds terrific preparing like this. I can't wait for that phase to come! I can't wait to feel the first movements of our baby! So glad you are having these wonderful experiences (minus the piles & the stomach upset, of course!).

  2. Oh my goodness Im so sorry you were really ill...not good ..but hey at least you enjoyed eating the food but not bringing it up ...

    Ooohhh organising the nursery sounds so wonderful...I cant wait to do ours either...

    all these times are special moments for a special baby to come....

    and wow you felt on the outside thats so cool...

    in last week and a half I have recognised the movements and loving them...but poor hubbies cant feel it yet...cant wait until they can to share in the joy...

  3. Ugh - the piles just suck! The only thing that works for me is lots of baths and cream. But it never seems to go away...

    So glad the little boy is moving more - very cool that you can feel it from the outside!!!