Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sleep anyone?

You know when someone says to everyone when your out at a bar "drink anyone" and you think to yourself 'well don't mind if I do', then you get asked all these other questions like "do you want ice with that" "tall or short glass" "extra shot in that" "little beach umbrella and some flamboyant fruit in it perhaps"?, well maybe you only get asked the last question if your at a gay resort in Spain or somewhere like that but you get my drift. Normally if your drunk enough already you will say yes to all questions. "Yes ill have a drink, ice sure, ill have it in a tall glass and then a short glass too, Ill have extra shots please and why not throw in an umbrella and a half a pineapple hanging off the side of the glass thanks". 

Well my point to all that is this is kind of how I feel about sleep at the moment, if someone asked "sleep anyone" my answer would be "hell yes, ill take ten shots of that with a fluffy pillow and a  leg supporter with a nice piece of cake on the side for later". Much like the drunks who say yes to any kind of drink I will say yes to any kind of sleep. A small 10 minute pain free nap, ill take it, a 20 hour sleep marathon, brilliant!

I am going to be 33 weeks in 3 days time and I'm super excited, I am excited about the birth, not scared yet and I just feel really positive about it. Sleep is another story.

I think for me from about 30 weeks onwards my sleeping started to go down hill. I feel sore and uncomfortable and it feels like the bump is pulling when I lay on my side, but then if I lay on my back I cant breath properly. Some nights I am ok, others I find it hard to get to sleep and then when I do I wake up sore and stiff and have to get up and have a walk around the house, perhaps have a nibble on something out of the cupboard, cook a whole chicken, well ok so I don't go to that extreme but a few chocolates always goes down a treat. Its rather hot here at this time of the year so when I try to put a pillow between my legs to ease the pain I then start to over heat, its like having a 3rd person in the bed on a hot sweaty night, and as it is my husband is like a thousand, million wattage heater who is always on full, then we have the pillow in with me and then I have my baby lying on top of me and I'm sweating like a pig and I'm still leaking like a milking cow! what a pleasant experience sleep is for me these days! waking up in a pool of sweat and milk, lovely! well not really waking up in a pool of sweat and milk as that would insinuate I had actually been to sleep in the first place, which I haven't.

So that's the update really, on another note Christmas was good, we had a nice day and a good boxing day, busy but nice. I was shattered by the end of it and my feet and legs were killing me, but after a few days rest (note - rest not sleep) I was back to normal. here is a wee pic of me with some cute wee socks I got from the baby to be's cousin. Also in picture is the baby's nan to be and father to be. 

Anyhow, bye for now and hope you all have a good New Year's and that 2012 is just brilliant and magical for everyone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

31 weeks and summer is here

Don't I look like an old misery guts in this picture! Smile for god sakes! Summer is upon us In New Zealand and aren't I glad to get some heat, so many people have said to me "oh you poor thing, having to be heavily pregnant in summer", when actually I think its easier, less clothes to try and struggle over the giant bump.

Things have been going really well, I have now stopped work (apart from 3 days in January), which is really weird, I wake and have nothing to do, well of course there is always things to do, especially at this time of the year, but nothing I have to do that I don't want to do!. I had another midwife appointment yesterday and really there was very little to report, I had had my bloods done the week prior to test for gestational diabetes and other various things, all those came back fine and nothing is wrong, I don't have HIV, good to know. Baby's heartbeat was nice and strong as usual, my blood pressure is normal, baby is still measuring normal so really at the moment I'm a fairly easy patient, perhaps I wont be such an easy breezy patient of hers when I'm screaming in her ear demanding pain relief and acting like a big baby myself! My next appointment is in 2 weeks and will be at the hospital again to get another anti d injection and also will be meeting her backup midwife in the next few weeks too.

As you can see from the picture I'm getting pretty big but luckily I have managed to avoid stretchmarks so far. Not a one, but I know I may be speaking too soon, they will prob all pop up right at the end. Walking too far is becoming hard, I think I have got a bit of a pregnant lady waddle going on which is pretty funny! the wee man is darting and rolling and doing all sorts of crazy movements, its insane, he just wont sit still! ADD??????.  My baby shower is starting to get all organized, my amazing friend who is a whizz at baking and organising things is hosting it, we have decided on the date and she is making up some invites, I have got every ones address's and am starting to buy some wine for the occasion and getting together a list of some food I need to buy, I am looking forward to it but at the same time I don't want too much of a fuss. Will see how it goes! Will be sure to let you know all about it. Antenatal classes begin on the 7th January, I am not really looking forward to these, I hate being in a class type setting, again Ill see how it goes, Ill probably really enjoy it, I guess its just the unknown, I always tend to set things up to be bad in my head and then they end up being fun, although watching a women pushing a baby out of her fanny and then realising that's going to be me soon isn't exactly my idea of fun, mind you I do seem find creepy stuff like that rather fascinating at the moment.

On a closing note, I am letting you know in advance that I have decided to end my blog once my wee guy is born, I feel it's right to end my blog on a really happy, high note. My last post will be about the birth of our baby and my feelings on being a new mum after having been through fertility treatments. I thought I can always pick up and start a new blog when we start a frozen embryo treatment cycle, as that will be a new chapter for baby number 2. I feel this blog is all about our quest for baby number 1 and getting baby number 1 finally in our arms. I want to print out my blog and give this to my son to read at some point, I know he will probably cringe at most of it and wish he never laid eyes on it, and yell at me and say "mum, your so disgusting", but it's his journey into the world, and it will be there to read if he chooses too. 

So thank you so much for all who have followed my blog, we have 9 or so more weeks of my ranting to go and then the grand finale!!! which I believe will be the best post yet, watch this space, not long now!

Monday, December 12, 2011

30 Weeks tomorrow!

Hi there, Sorry for a lack in posting lately, have been slack! I have been keeping really well lately so don't have any pregnancy woes to moan about!

Tomorrow I will reach the 30 week mark! holy crap, only 10 weeks to go! Things have started to become mighty real over the last week, I cant believe in 10 weeks I will be a mumma! A mum, did you hear me??? So exciting. I have been thinking about the birth more lately, I am still feeling fairly calm about it and just want it to be a calm experience, as calm as it can be anyhow. Me and gardener guy talk about our baby and being parents more and more now, we were talking about how cool next Christmas will be as he will be 10 months old, I guess mostly we just cant believe its actually happening. We talk about the IVF sometimes and how we cant believe we came out on the other side when we really didn't think we would. A big reminder of the IVF was that last week we got a bill for our embryo storage, $240 for a yearly storage, and a letter asking us if we actually wanted to keep it, or destroy it, or discuss donating it, are you kidding me, that's our baby, we promptly signed the letter stating we wanted to keep it stored and paid the bill. Phew! done, imagine they got rid of it by mistake...... doesn't bare thinking about!

I feel like I have so much coming up over the next month or so, We have gardener guy's parents arriving from the UK in 3 days time and we have our antenatal classes starting in January. I have my baby shower in January and a big family dinner in January, gardener guys birthday in January,  we have our 3yr wedding anniversary one week before the baby is born. So much going on, I cant wait!! the weather here in New Zealand is getting hotter and hotter so that's something to be excited about in itself. 

I have only 3 days left of work left which is amazing! I am doing 3 days in January but officially I finish up for good in 3 days. It's a weird feeling, in the past when I have finished up at a job its because I had a new one to go too, a new family to start caring for but this time I don't, I am stopping to have a break and then care for my own baby, its very strange. I am actually going to be a mum and not have a job. I couldn't be happier, its just odd. 

Baby updates are as follows - at last midwife appointment last week he was measuring 31cms and he is now head down, good boy. All he needs to do now is get fatter and fatter and I will get fatter and fatter over the next few weeks at a very rapid rate. I seem to have got giant all of a sudden anyhow. Take a look at that giant belly pic taken in my bedroom. Things are getting damn hard to do now, bending down, am getting terribly sore feet when I walk too far, am feeling tired more and more and the baby is doing some really hard kicks lately. Having some very sharp stabs in my bladder when he is jumping on it. 

That is all for now, I will try and do another update soon, probably not till after Christmas. Merry Christmas to all and I truly pray and hope that everyone gets their ultimate dream this Christmas, I know how hard and horrific it is to spend a Christmas minus what you always wanted, minus a baby, its tough, so I really really hope dreams really do come true this Christmas just as ours have.