Wednesday, September 28, 2011

19 Week Update

I am now 19 weeks 1 day. - This post is going to be part moaning, part joy. I feel kind of bad anytime that I ever moan about anything pregnancy related. When I was so desperately trying to get pregnant I always said I would never ever complain about anything, not morning sickness, not anything, so just so you know I don't feel very good moaning about things and I still appreciate what I've been given every single day. All these pregnancy annoyances are nothing compared to all the physical and emotional pain that is involved with IVF, so I know I'm so lucky to be done with that for now. And to anyone still enduring fertility treatments, your a tough bugger that's for sure!

So, whats been happening in my part of the world lately? well I'm 1 week away from being 5 months pregnant! yah for that. Alot has been happening really, shall we start with the not so fabulous things first? that way we can end on a good note. So as I said in my last post I had piles, well the latest on that subject is, they are gone!! I went to the chemist and got some cream that looked like grout you would use to tile your bathroom floor! seriously this stuff was like thick brown grout, but really I had got to the point where I would smear just about anything on my ass, including actual grout, if I thought it would make a difference. So I smeared this stuff on the affected area for a few days and it really soothed it and now its sorted. It wasn't exactly the most pleasant thing ever, my ass had so much cream on it and was so slippery I practically slid off the seat every time I sat down.But hey, its sorted so that's good.

I have got really dry skin, really this is just on my face and mostly my forehead, again I just have to lather up my face with cream  (not the ass cream by the way), I'm not that cheap, I have face cream. My belly is getting really itchy as my skin stretches so I'm constantly itching my belly, walking around town like someone with a skin disease itching myself like a mad woman. But no stretch marks yet. I must be scratching them all away.

Ok, I'm going to complain about my body changes. I know your thinking, why the hell are you complaining? you knew pregnancy involved getting bigger. Of course I did, but I don't think that your ever really prepared for how fast things progress. One minute your strutting around in your tight jeans thinking your hot shit and the next minute your waddling around in some weird outfit that just doesn't look quite right. Ok so this is a slight exaggeration but it does gets tricky. I used to be able to get dressed really fast in the morning, everything in my wardrobe would fit and that was that. But now I go to put on a top I wore 2 weeks ago and hello, it no longer fits! Jesus! I've worked out what few pieces I really love and feel good in and there are a few pieces that are too big yet but I am looking forward to wearing later on in pregnancy. I guess I've got it sorted more now. Some days I feel great and love the belly and what I'm wearing, other days I just think, what the hell kind of outfit is this? Today I have done a good job, I'm in my black skinny maternity jeans and a stripy blue and white maternity top which is fantastic. I'm starting to find now that actual maternity wear is more comfortable and fits better than trying to just wing it with non maternity gear. 

I still have heartburn and headaches at night and some nights I feel rotten and have to get gardener guy to turn off all the lights so we sit in the dark in the lounge as the lights are too much. Other nights i feel really good and might not even lie on the couch and just sit on the couch happily. 

Now my last complaint is that my little guy seems to be sitting on my bladder, or jumping on it or something! I always need to pee. Sometimes I go and then literally 5 minutes later I need to go again. Some days are worse than others. This makes going out hard as I am always thinking, "will there be a toilet there"?. I have become quite a toilet critic over the last few weeks, I should be writing a blog about the local toilets. Waterloo Train Station toilets = 8/10, newly painted, new toilets, all sinks and hand dryers in working order. Moera Playground toilets = 1/10, filthy, smelly, 1 ply toilet paper that disintegrates in your hand, broken hand dryer, graffiti on wall. Museum hotel toilets = 100/10, Top Notch toilets, beautiful gold doors, comfy seats, beautiful long glamorous curtains, all facilities in perfect working order, Definitely my top pick for a great place to settle down for a well deserved poo after many weeks of constipation. If you feel the need to poo after being constipated, make the drive out there and sneak in and enjoy!

Moving on from that to something more pleasant. Our little man has been wriggling around like crazy lately, the movements and kicks are becoming alot stronger, I can feel him alot! Its so cool. I have a posterior placenta, which means its at the back, not at the front, so its not in the way cushioning his kicks. It doesn't matter where your placenta is but its nice that I can feel him so much without the placenta blocking it all. Gardener guy still cant feel anything, but we do try, I get him to put his hand on my belly but its still too faint for him to feel just yet. We have our 20 week scan this coming Tuesday, I'm really looking forward to this, will be great to see him again and make sure everything is in working order. And of course get confirmation that he is actually a boy! we are both starting to really hope he isn't a she, not that we don't want a girl, but we have mentally prepared ourselves for a boy and we are really happy about this. Girl for number 2 baby though please. Yesterday my nappy bag I ordered from the states arrived, and oh my god, so in love. Its so cool, perfect bag, good amount of pockets, change mat, insulated bottle holder, extra bag for soiled/wet clothes and it hangs just perfectly over my buggy handles. Not to mention it's very snazzy to look at. Just cant wait to use that and the buggy and all our baby's new stuff. So exciting. 

So there you go, the moaning and the happiness. Lastly I have one thing to add and I wasn't sure if I was going to include this in here, but I've been so honest this far I figured why not, and if you don't like hearing it stop reading. My boobs have started leaking!!!! yes you heard right. I'm not sure weather I put this into the moaning category or the happiness category, lets just put it in the weird category. I spoke to a plunket nurse friend of mine and she said its ok its normal for it to happen so soon and apparently it will probably mean ill have a really good milk supply by the time the baby arrives. So there you go. Its not like dripping down my front or anything, but a few times at night I have had a wet patch on my top. By the time bubba arrives Ill probably be able to stand outside and aim my tits at the windows and give them a breast milk wash. No need for a hose to water the plants, Ill just come out and give them a good spraying! 

There you go, all you ever needed to know and much much more. I will post again after our scan and show you some pictures. Till then have a good week and remember the more things you have got to complain about in life the more things that you have to resolve. And I tell you what, resolving piles left me feeling pretty damn good!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Return of the baby bath

So if you are an avid follower you may recall during my first IVF cycle I became really inflamed in the womanly parts while I was taking my pessaries. In a nut shell I ended up squeezing my ass into the baby bath and sitting in cold salted water to relieve the stinging and burning. Why didn't you just sit in the normal bath you may ask? well really who wants to sit in a cold bath alone staring at a wall for half an hour, I mean its relaxing when its a nice deep hot bath otherwise its not. So I brought the baby bath into the lounge so I could watch TV whilst I sat there naked from the bottom half down gasping with relief. Anyhow what has all this got to do with now? well the good old bath is back, and no the baby hasn't arrived, but its mumma trying to squeeze into it yet again.

Why is it every time I get that damn bath out its not for a nice normal reason, like for example giving my baby a nice relaxing bath. Oh no, every time It comes out its because I have some kind of irritating pain. Ok, no more beating round the bush, I have piles. For god sake, if its not one hole its the other!.  Piles are very common in pregnancy and can be caused through constipation, well I've had that in the bucket loads, so all that pushing has obviously caused them. Seriously when the constipation eased I have never been so happy to sit down for a easy poo in all my life, but now I say "bring back the absent poo any day" its a far better problem than piles.

This is a really disgusting very un-lady like thing to be discussing, but lets be honest, you love reading about disgusting inappropriate troubles don't ya. I've heard piles can become a real problem during pushing out the baby, Jesus Christ Ill need to be careful not to push the whole insides of my ass out, never mind delivering a baby, you have delivered your whole ass contents madam. 

So the second I finished work I dashed into the shower and then got the baby bath out and filled it up with warm water and baking soda, this is meant to help. I was sure to close all the curtains, I didn't want to frighten 90yr old Pam who lives in the house behind ours, incase she decides to peer in and sees me naked in a very small bath, what would she make of that? well I sure wouldn't be getting any more nice old lady waves and smiles, more old lady snares and the middle finger.

So I fill up the bath in the kitchen and realise there is no way I can carry it into the lounge, so I just hop in it in the kitchen, of course I have filled it up to far and all the water overflows. Not only that I don't screw the lid back on the baking soda and drop it on the floor and baking soda goes everywhere. By this stage I'm over it, I stay in the bath for a wee while then get out. My towel is all wet from getting in the bath with it on, so I take the towel off to wipe up the water all over the floor. In walks my husband from outside and there I am on the kitchen floor on all fours completely naked wiping up the wet floor, there is white powder that looks like cocaine all over the floor and I'm practically in tears as I cant be bothered with all this carry on anymore, I tell ya it was a sight, it almost beats the previous run in with the baby bath. Gardener guy swept up all the baking soda and emptied the bath and dried it for me while I dried myself up and thank the lord I got dressed.

If there are any Robert Pattinson look alikes out there reading this blog, I really am not as disgusting as I sound, beyond all the piles and shit (literally) I actually scrub up not too bad. Trust me, I'm not always caught in compromising positions, sometimes I can be rather glam. Ha ha, yeah right. 

So this is the shit you deal with when pregnant, or maybe its just me, maybe I'm doomed to have issues with my front and rear end for the rest of my life, who knows, thinking about my 80yr old front and especially rear end is just too much to bear at the moment, all I can think about for now is lets hope next time I am talking about the baby bath it doesn't involve me getting in it and more me scrubbing my cute little baby.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We have movement!

So I have some pretty cool news, I have felt my wee boy move! Over the last 3 - 4 days I had felt some twitching like movements and these have carried on and become more frequent! So amazing!

I first felt it and didn't really take too much notice, I did think "oh, that's something new I haven't felt before, I wonder if that's the baby", then it kept happening. And now it is most definitely happening more and more. I so love it, it feels like a little twitch. 

Today I am 17 weeks pregnant, so I think I have been really lucky to feel it already! perhaps he has giant kicking feet! He seems to move more when I am still or at night, I have been told babies sleep when mothers are active as the movement rocks them to sleep and they wake when mothers are still and that's when they start moving around and giving us all a treat of feeling the movements.

Last night the most amazing thing ever happened, the baby was kicking and I started tapping on my belly with my hand and the baby kicked back! it was so funny I couldn't stop doing it and he kept kicking me back. I was laughing and laughing like a mental case and saying to gardener guy "he keeps doing it"! Now I just cant wait for gardener guy to feel him, its a bit unfair at the moment, I am getting all this excitement and he just has to wait, but it wont be too long now. 

I so just want to meet him now, I am almost half way, still ages to go. Gardener guy will just be such a loving caring dad. He is so good with Samuel who I look after. This morning when he arrived with his parents, gardener guy was still here as was running a bit late so Samuel was just chuffed to get to see gardener guy. Gardener guy sat him up at the table with his colouring book and got out some crayons for him and put all his little toys up on the table for him. The two of them chat away to each other like two old men, its very cute.Samuel follows gardener guy around the garden and talks to him about plants and asks lots of questions and likes looking in the shed with him and helping him stack the wood. I know this is an indication of what will happen with our little boy, the two of them will be out there pottering around together, I think this is really good, Samuel has been with me since he was about 8 months and has since grown up being out in the garden and helping pick all the veges, and since he has started talking he can identify all the vegetables, had he not been in our care and been exposed to all of the garden and helping so much he wouldn't be so onto it with all his vegetables. Its a great way for children to learn about where their veges come from at a young age, therefore making eating them more interesting.

So at 17 weeks there is alot going on for my little boy, he is measuring about 13 centimetres, he can yawn, stretch and make facial expressions.He has started to develop sweat glands and fingerprints. He still sleeps alot but has times where he stretches and moves about too. 

All is going well, I have no complaints today, I am feeling really well today, I had a good night last night which seems to have made a difference as most nights I feel really unwell. So Ill leave you all on a happy note and say farewell and hope everyone is doing well and I will update you all more next week.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

4 Months!

I'm 4 Months! pretty damn great considering I never thought I would even get to 1 day pregnant. So here I am, and here is a quick run down for you all.

Size of Baby - about 10 - 11cms! ____________________________________________________ . That line is the length of the baby. That's quite big really, to go from having nothing in your belly to having a 10cm person in there is all too weird.

Maternity Clothes - Got my 2 cool pair of skinny jeans, really love these. Am able to wear tight tops now as don't just look like a fatso with a muffin top, actually look like a pregnant woman. Brought a great stretchy skirt for $10 in the weekend, and just waiting to see month by month how much I grow and what other stuff Ill need to get.

Weight Gain - Still only about 2kgs. So iv'e got alot of weight to gain yet, as normal weight gain is between 10 - 15kgs. I don't really care about weight gain, whatever I gain I gain.

Belly - Now is round and looks like a pregnant belly, Is hard when touched. Always looks alot bigger at night.

Sleep - Sleeping is alot better for me now than it was in the first trimester. I don't find it so hard to get to sleep as I did before, I am not restless and am pretty comfortable once I'm in bed, its the lying on the couch before bed that isn't very comfortable, I get to a point at night where I've had enough, I am not comfortable and just need to call it a day and go to bed.

Stretch Marks - None to speak of yet. But guess they will come. Whatever, not overly concerned.

Movement - Dont think I have felt anything as yet. Have been told that it could be any day now. One friend felt her first little fluttery movements at 17 weeks and other people are also around this time. This Is really what I'm looking forward to so much at the moment, I'm told I will know it when it happens, but so far I don't think I have felt the little fella yet.

Symptoms - Headaches, these have been quite bad. heartburn at night, dizziness occasionally. Still tired, this hasn't really eased for me, apparently in your second trimester you are meant to feel more alive, well for me I still feel tired. Stuffy nose, this is odd but a constant stuffed nose, especially when I wake in morning, I feel like I have a years worth of snot stuffed up there over night. But really all and all I cant complain, I feel good and happy.

Food - Well what can I say - Don't really think I have any weird cravings, still loving my ice cream but am not eating it so much, into fish cakes still. But just hungry more than usual.

Emotions - A bit up and down. I have been feeling a bit yuck and unattractive over the last few days, my hair needs re dying, my skin is a bit dry and I just feel a bit shit. Feel like I want to rip my husbands head off sometimes for various reasons but we wont go into that at the moment. I haven't been one of these crying pregnant ladies that I hear about. Irritability is high, at the moment there is a fly buzzing around and I can feel my blood boiling more and more, but that's ok, It will soon be dead, that's for sure.

Getting there, only 167 days to go! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beyonce VS Me

So Beyonce is up the duff aye! And way to go with the announcement, singing a tune and then opening up your jacket to reveal your belly and giving it a proud rub. Pfffff........ Just when I thought I was the most famous pregnant woman she had to go and upstage me (for those of you who cant detect my sarcasm - well it is there, and probably will be throughout this post and clearly I am not the most famous pregnant woman), well I was till Beyonce took over the show. All belly rubbing and fabulous singing and proud husband high fiveing his mates. Jay Z or what ever the hell he is called. Sit down Beyone, put down the mic because you have got some stiff competition. ME.

You know I don't really care that she is pregnant, its lovely and all that, but if I had been trying to still conceive and I had seen that performance I would not have been happy. So for all you still infertile woman out there, this is a show down between me and her. grrrrrrr...........

So what has she got that I don't? a fancy jacket to hide that belly, yeah sure, but really that's it, isn't it? ok so she may have a tad bit more money to buy some extravagant stuff for the wee tot but that's it really, she has a giant toosh that is only going to get bigger and to be honest my ass isn't looking too damn bad so far! so there! of course she is due the same month as me - February, so Ill have to source some information on her due date and make sure she is not going to re up stage me by giving birth on the same day as me, oh no that is not happening thank you very much, I am going to be first, and then because my announcement was so amazing no one will even care when her baby is born, I might even announce my baby's birth by hiding him under MY fancy coat and do a sing song then open my coat to reveal him in all his glory to the world and he will do some kind of really cute trick that will leave everyone speechless. 

One can only wonder with fear what kind of ridiculous name they will give their child, I am thinking something like Jay - once, Bey - Z, or the classic name that I think they may pick Tyreek. Horrid. One can wonder in fear also what their child may look like, and this isn't me being mean here but I have read online that alot of the general public are scared this poor child will come out looking like a monkey, an actual monkey. Now I never said this, but apparently people tend to think Jay - Z isn't the most dashing, handsome man to walk the planet, In fact he himself has been referred to as a monkey, so as you can see this is where the concern about this baby being a monkey comes from. Of course we all hope the baby takes after mumma Beyonce and looks beautiful but it's chance's aren't that good, Tyreek could be one scary baby.

Anyhow, Beyonce aside, lets get back to reality. I had my midwife appointment on Tuesday and that all went fine, my blood pressure is fine, baby's heartbeat was fine and all was you guessed it fine. We got given the form to book my 20 week scan and have another appointment with the midwife at 21 weeks. I am getting pretty nasty heartburn at night, a couple of nights ago I was feeling rough, I had a terrible headache and heartburn and just couldn't get comfy on the couch, I had to turn off all the lights and prop myself up and in the end I just gave up and went to bed. My belly is getting pretty out there now, I cant hide it (not that I want too), It is looking pretty round and cool. I will get gardener guy to take some nice pictures over the weekend so if I can get a decent one ill put it up for you too see. 

As I depart I must say I am of course just being silly in this post about Beyonce. But seriously who says "I want you all to feel the love that is growing inside of me", well not me, that's for sure. That over the top statement is enough for anyone to want to back me instead of Beyonce in the Beyonce VS Me war right?

And if Beyonce should happen to stumble across my blog, all I can say is "watch out girlfriend, my baby bump is going to bump your bump right out of town and I have some fierce infertile lady's watching my back, so take your fancy jacket and do those buttons back up lady, this town ain't big enough for both of our bumps"!