Monday, December 12, 2011

30 Weeks tomorrow!

Hi there, Sorry for a lack in posting lately, have been slack! I have been keeping really well lately so don't have any pregnancy woes to moan about!

Tomorrow I will reach the 30 week mark! holy crap, only 10 weeks to go! Things have started to become mighty real over the last week, I cant believe in 10 weeks I will be a mumma! A mum, did you hear me??? So exciting. I have been thinking about the birth more lately, I am still feeling fairly calm about it and just want it to be a calm experience, as calm as it can be anyhow. Me and gardener guy talk about our baby and being parents more and more now, we were talking about how cool next Christmas will be as he will be 10 months old, I guess mostly we just cant believe its actually happening. We talk about the IVF sometimes and how we cant believe we came out on the other side when we really didn't think we would. A big reminder of the IVF was that last week we got a bill for our embryo storage, $240 for a yearly storage, and a letter asking us if we actually wanted to keep it, or destroy it, or discuss donating it, are you kidding me, that's our baby, we promptly signed the letter stating we wanted to keep it stored and paid the bill. Phew! done, imagine they got rid of it by mistake...... doesn't bare thinking about!

I feel like I have so much coming up over the next month or so, We have gardener guy's parents arriving from the UK in 3 days time and we have our antenatal classes starting in January. I have my baby shower in January and a big family dinner in January, gardener guys birthday in January,  we have our 3yr wedding anniversary one week before the baby is born. So much going on, I cant wait!! the weather here in New Zealand is getting hotter and hotter so that's something to be excited about in itself. 

I have only 3 days left of work left which is amazing! I am doing 3 days in January but officially I finish up for good in 3 days. It's a weird feeling, in the past when I have finished up at a job its because I had a new one to go too, a new family to start caring for but this time I don't, I am stopping to have a break and then care for my own baby, its very strange. I am actually going to be a mum and not have a job. I couldn't be happier, its just odd. 

Baby updates are as follows - at last midwife appointment last week he was measuring 31cms and he is now head down, good boy. All he needs to do now is get fatter and fatter and I will get fatter and fatter over the next few weeks at a very rapid rate. I seem to have got giant all of a sudden anyhow. Take a look at that giant belly pic taken in my bedroom. Things are getting damn hard to do now, bending down, am getting terribly sore feet when I walk too far, am feeling tired more and more and the baby is doing some really hard kicks lately. Having some very sharp stabs in my bladder when he is jumping on it. 

That is all for now, I will try and do another update soon, probably not till after Christmas. Merry Christmas to all and I truly pray and hope that everyone gets their ultimate dream this Christmas, I know how hard and horrific it is to spend a Christmas minus what you always wanted, minus a baby, its tough, so I really really hope dreams really do come true this Christmas just as ours have.


  1. have a great Christmas and can't wait to see more beautiful belly pictures!!! I am so glad to hear your are having healthy pregnancy:)

  2. Merry christmas and thanks for sharing...enjoy this first christmas as parents to be...its one of those milestones us with infertility fear every year when we are childless but so desperately want to be parents...we both are now nearly on the receiving end of that gift...such a beautiful christmas to enjoy