Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Baby Shower, Antenatal classes and all my updates at 35 weeks!

Hi all, I am so sorry to anyone out there still following me, I have been so damn slack! pregnancy is wearing me down and to be honest I have been quite busy lately. But here I am, still pregnant, no baby yet! 

In the weekend I had my lovely baby shower, hosted by my amazing friend who I am so grateful too for giving up her home for the afternoon while we all invaded it and made a mess! I had a really nice time and got some very sweet gifts for the wee man. So many photos, so just put one up here of the owl mobile I was given for him, super cute. Was given lots of cute clothes, books, and other bits and pieces, so a big thank you to everyone. I felt very special!!!

The big day is coming so fast, only 35 days to go!!! wow! that's presuming he comes on time. Best do, I'm not so patient, in saying that I think I have a right to be fairly impatient as I have been waiting so long prior to getting pregnant.

I am now just a giant whale, I have gained almost 10kgs, which according to our antenatal teacher (yes we have started classes), isn't bad, apparently the average weight gain according to her is between 11kgs and 16kgs. So I guess over the next 5 weeks Ill be in the middle somewhere.I am certainly feeling all that weight, I am finding it hard to walk, have really sore feet and legs, am sleeping terribly and just generally am fed up. Baby is still moving heaps but when he moves now its like giant nudges, waves in my belly and weird bumps sticking out, making my stomach look very lopsided, he has so little room now that every little movement he does is so noticeable. 

So as I was saying, yes we have started antenatal classes, we have done two 4hr classes with another two to go. To say I am loving them would be an exxageration but I don't hate them, It's fine, I'm learning some things but also hearing alot of stuff I already know.This coming Saturday we are having a tour of the maternity ward, learning about all the different pain medication and its implications on mum and baby and learning some massage techniques, well gardener guy will be learning some massage techniques, It's not likely I can massage myself when I can barely roll out of bed. Gardener guy has never been one for sitting still, so really he's not doing too bad at the classes, the moaning is fairly minimal and he certainly isn't shy at asking questions and letting the whole class know that his wife (me), went and got fitted for new maternity bras and managed to find some really comfortable ones that she feels good in!! . Pretty funny, I may as well stripped off my top and given a demo of the new bra! but to be fair it was in reply to a question relating to breastfeeding and that having good fitting comfy bras that make mum to be feel positive about breastfeeding is important. Funny man!

So yes, antenatal classes are ticking along, baby shower done, and got another midwife visit today. We are going to discuss my birth plan today. I have written up some points I want to discuss with her. All I think are fairly normal. 

Going back to antenatal classes - while I remember, the issue of the placenta came up, and who might like to take it home. Well of course gardener guy being gardener guy piped up and said "as it has loads of nutrients in it, it must be good for the garden"! , and yes it is! so now we are apparently taking the creepy thing home and planting a fruit tree over it! luckily they seal it all up in a bag for you, you don't just have to make room in your handbag for this creepy jelly like bloody thing, so really If he wants it, its fine by me! he has now become obsessed with this damn thing! he may even be more excited about seeing what the placenta looks like than his son! I think he expects to put the placenta in the ground, put the fruit tree over it and wake up the next day to a fully established pear tree in the back yard. But seriously it will be a great growing healthy tree. Maybe we will go all out and put some kind of equally creepy plaque by the tree, [ the organ that grew our son, is now growing this tree] or [ plant a placenta, eat a pear]. hmmmm...... something to think about.

Another thing gardener guy has become obsessed with since our last antenatal class is this funny bit of stretchy fabric. stretchy fabric you may be saying......explain. Well ok, I will. So we got told that when we are in hospital you can take home this stretchy piece of fabric that is amazing to put baby in. Basically its like a boob tube, so you put it on and then tuck baby into it so he is nice and snug by your chest. This can be used whenever, if your doing jobs around the house, your arms are free, if you just want baby to feel safe and secure or whatever, basically its just a hippies version of a front pack. Now we have a very good Baby Bjorn front pack, but gardener guy has become obsessed with this damn fabric. Yes I agree its really good, and will definitely take one home. Gardener guy keeps talking about trying to steal more than one of them, and he even asked if he could shower with the baby with one on. Well yeah you can, but god damn, the 2 of you will be on fire wrapped up tight in one of those in the shower!!!. But there you go, was very cute to see him excited about this simple piece of baby gear. Oh the uses this fabric has! you just wait, ill be sure to post a picture of it in full action. 

Anyhow hope that's enough information to keep the interest around till next time. We are getting so close now till this chapter of my life comes to a close, and my blog ends. I really look forward to sharing my birth experience with you all and introducing our wee lad to you all. It has been an interesting journey to get here and blogging has been a god send and as I have said previously I want to leave my blog on the highest of high notes, the birth of baby (insert name here)............ .  


  1. Your paragraph about the placenta planting had me laughing out loud. I read it to my husband because his mom was a hippy type back when he was born and kept the placenta in a bowl by her bedside while in the hospital. CREEPY. That has always weirded him out a bit, so I just had to share what Gardner Guy's plans are for your placenta. Good stuff! I think a sign on the tree would be wildly appropriate (seriously!)!

    I will miss your blog - I just had to say that. But it is for good reason that it will be ending, and that makes me happy!

  2. Awesome! I think the fabric you're talking about is tubigrip - like what they put on when you sprain your ankle, but much bigger. They cut a bit off for you if you want it. Its also good to wear around your belly after little Stefan is born, helps stop you wobbling etc. Im so excited!!

  3. Great to hear from you but please do not leave the blogging world when baby enters the world...it would be great to see updates/progress of your new baby...

    Sounds like you had wonderful baby shower and glad you enjoyed it lol

    and re husbands and antenatal classes..dont worry my husband had to tell the class about bad side of pregnancy referring to me is constipation and flatulence lol...nothing like keeping things to yourself lol