Wednesday, October 5, 2011

20 Week Scan

Told you I would be back. We had our 20 week scan yesterday and I didn't really get time to sit down and go into detail about the scan, so here I am today. Firstly let me explain the above picture - well really there isn't much to explain, this was my favourite one of all the pictures we got. His teeny tiny feet, there is just something about babies feet isn't there? not so much adult feet, that's when its stops being cute and just turns into a creepy obsession. 

So all went great yesterday, all day yesterday I was so excited to go and see him again (and hoping it was a him), anyhow it was good as for the first time I had nothing to worry about really, I hadn't been bleeding, I knew he was alive (he's an active wee bugger), so I was just really looking forward to it.

We got a really lovely sonographer and straight away she asked if we wanted to know the sex. I said 'yes', and we never gave anything away by saying we had been give a fairly strong prediction at the 13 week scan. Anyhow she saw right away that it was indeed a boy! Thank god!!! I have so many boys clothes that I am so in love with and to be honest I just am seeing myself with my little boy, so it was good to hear that news. She did all the measuring and checking of all the parts and organs and got all the information she needed to give him a clear bill of health. He was just perfect. He was measuring normal for 20 weeks, not too big, not too small and the placenta wasn't low lying either so we have no issues at all.

A few cute things to mention was that she said to us "hes so so active", he was barely still the whole time we were there and we were in there for about 30minutes. He stopped briefly once and turned away from us for about 1 - 2 minutes and then he was off again, wriggling around all over the show. No wonder I'm feeling him so much lately. She spotted his penis a few times so she was without a doubt sure he was a boy, and funnily enough she said that he was holding onto it!!! Oh my god son! so while he was fiddling round with his diddle the sonographer kept looking around at everything. Towards the end he took his hand away from down stairs and he put both his hands over his ears, too cute! I said to the sonographer that perhaps he was fed up with hearing us talk about him. But the most amazing thing we saw that blew me and gardener guy away was when he stopped briefly and poked his tongue in and out, it was really clear and you could see his little tongue go in and out of his mouth, he then opened his mouth up wide and took a drink! Even the sonographer was in awe of this and she said how cool it was to see something like this. Very lucky!

And that was it, It was all over, I could have easily laid there all day watching him, its so amazing and so weird that this little person we are watching on screen is in my belly. But of course we had to leave him alone and give him some privacy to get back to playing with his willy so off we left with our photos and a big smile.

Today as I am not working I just had to go out and get some more clothes, I like to be sorted and make sure he has all he needs, and then any gifts of clothing I get for him will just be a really nice bonus. That way he is well equipped whatever the weather, whatever I feel like dressing him in, he has. We still have 3 expensive items to purchase, his cot bedding, I have picked out a cool set from the Baby Kas range so I will order that in the next few weeks. I need to get a monitor, which I think I want the Angel care one that comes with the sensor pad if the baby stops breathing. And lastly a highchair, I am going to go for the 'little kiwi wooden highchair', I have researched a few different ones and I think this one will suit me the best. I have also picked out some wall art for his room so am all sorted for decorating his room. I so cant wait to decorate his room and put together all his cot etc and put away all his stuff, it will be the funnest day ever!.

I'm not going to moan about any pregnancy nasties in this post, as this is all about our son and how so so so excited we are to get him into this world! I just cannot wait! everytime I think about giving birth or read anything about it, it freaks me out so much, I keep thinking I wont be able to cope, how can I do that? but last night me and gardener guy were chatting about how exciting it actually will be when I go into labour, yes it will be scary and unknown and we wont really know what the heck is happening but it all means he is not very far away, and how exciting is that! That will have to be my mind when I'm freaking out. That he is coming, And that the long wait and the long winding hard road is finally coming to an end. 



  1. Yay C! What a cool post! I love that he was holding his wee friend said her son did the same thing during their 20 week it must be a boy thing..hehehe!!! At our last ultrasound one of mine had his middle finger straight up in the air! OMG! I've read that they show their little personalities way before they are born and you can learn a lot about them during much fun! Post pics of the nursery once you have it all sorted out!

  2. Oh I enjoyed reading that so had so much to tell....your boy is an active little man and typical boy holding their wee wee already lol...its so wonderful that you both got to saviour this special moment together ...I agree you can watch them brings tears to my eyes knowing that you finally can see your dream your wish of your baby after all your struggles like all of deserving of it and of course not to forget many other women still struggling to fall....I want them all to get to enjoy one day those special moments of pregnancy like we are....

    My baby is so content and non active lol....I have moments where are you alive in there but I know it was as saw heart pumping and blood last week...My mum is thinking baby is like me very sleepy and content and non active baby hopefully Im gonna get a great sleeper like me

  3. "...give him some privacy to get back to playing with his willy" - ha! ha!

    Such a happy, happy post. Your love and enthusiasm is just spilling from the page (blog).

  4. Wonderful that your scan went so well and that you got to see him so clearly :)) You're more than 1/2 way there... on the home stretch now :)) xoxo

  5. I know I am a little late on this one but Awwww, look at those sweet baby feet! :) Sorry I haven't commented much recently, I have been MIA from the blogsphere for a while but I am still following your journey and I'm so glad things continue to go well for you and your little one. Take care!

  6. What a wonderful scan! You got to see all kinds of things - so very cool!!! And I'm sure you're glad to get the boy confirmation - so exciting!