Wednesday, September 28, 2011

19 Week Update

I am now 19 weeks 1 day. - This post is going to be part moaning, part joy. I feel kind of bad anytime that I ever moan about anything pregnancy related. When I was so desperately trying to get pregnant I always said I would never ever complain about anything, not morning sickness, not anything, so just so you know I don't feel very good moaning about things and I still appreciate what I've been given every single day. All these pregnancy annoyances are nothing compared to all the physical and emotional pain that is involved with IVF, so I know I'm so lucky to be done with that for now. And to anyone still enduring fertility treatments, your a tough bugger that's for sure!

So, whats been happening in my part of the world lately? well I'm 1 week away from being 5 months pregnant! yah for that. Alot has been happening really, shall we start with the not so fabulous things first? that way we can end on a good note. So as I said in my last post I had piles, well the latest on that subject is, they are gone!! I went to the chemist and got some cream that looked like grout you would use to tile your bathroom floor! seriously this stuff was like thick brown grout, but really I had got to the point where I would smear just about anything on my ass, including actual grout, if I thought it would make a difference. So I smeared this stuff on the affected area for a few days and it really soothed it and now its sorted. It wasn't exactly the most pleasant thing ever, my ass had so much cream on it and was so slippery I practically slid off the seat every time I sat down.But hey, its sorted so that's good.

I have got really dry skin, really this is just on my face and mostly my forehead, again I just have to lather up my face with cream  (not the ass cream by the way), I'm not that cheap, I have face cream. My belly is getting really itchy as my skin stretches so I'm constantly itching my belly, walking around town like someone with a skin disease itching myself like a mad woman. But no stretch marks yet. I must be scratching them all away.

Ok, I'm going to complain about my body changes. I know your thinking, why the hell are you complaining? you knew pregnancy involved getting bigger. Of course I did, but I don't think that your ever really prepared for how fast things progress. One minute your strutting around in your tight jeans thinking your hot shit and the next minute your waddling around in some weird outfit that just doesn't look quite right. Ok so this is a slight exaggeration but it does gets tricky. I used to be able to get dressed really fast in the morning, everything in my wardrobe would fit and that was that. But now I go to put on a top I wore 2 weeks ago and hello, it no longer fits! Jesus! I've worked out what few pieces I really love and feel good in and there are a few pieces that are too big yet but I am looking forward to wearing later on in pregnancy. I guess I've got it sorted more now. Some days I feel great and love the belly and what I'm wearing, other days I just think, what the hell kind of outfit is this? Today I have done a good job, I'm in my black skinny maternity jeans and a stripy blue and white maternity top which is fantastic. I'm starting to find now that actual maternity wear is more comfortable and fits better than trying to just wing it with non maternity gear. 

I still have heartburn and headaches at night and some nights I feel rotten and have to get gardener guy to turn off all the lights so we sit in the dark in the lounge as the lights are too much. Other nights i feel really good and might not even lie on the couch and just sit on the couch happily. 

Now my last complaint is that my little guy seems to be sitting on my bladder, or jumping on it or something! I always need to pee. Sometimes I go and then literally 5 minutes later I need to go again. Some days are worse than others. This makes going out hard as I am always thinking, "will there be a toilet there"?. I have become quite a toilet critic over the last few weeks, I should be writing a blog about the local toilets. Waterloo Train Station toilets = 8/10, newly painted, new toilets, all sinks and hand dryers in working order. Moera Playground toilets = 1/10, filthy, smelly, 1 ply toilet paper that disintegrates in your hand, broken hand dryer, graffiti on wall. Museum hotel toilets = 100/10, Top Notch toilets, beautiful gold doors, comfy seats, beautiful long glamorous curtains, all facilities in perfect working order, Definitely my top pick for a great place to settle down for a well deserved poo after many weeks of constipation. If you feel the need to poo after being constipated, make the drive out there and sneak in and enjoy!

Moving on from that to something more pleasant. Our little man has been wriggling around like crazy lately, the movements and kicks are becoming alot stronger, I can feel him alot! Its so cool. I have a posterior placenta, which means its at the back, not at the front, so its not in the way cushioning his kicks. It doesn't matter where your placenta is but its nice that I can feel him so much without the placenta blocking it all. Gardener guy still cant feel anything, but we do try, I get him to put his hand on my belly but its still too faint for him to feel just yet. We have our 20 week scan this coming Tuesday, I'm really looking forward to this, will be great to see him again and make sure everything is in working order. And of course get confirmation that he is actually a boy! we are both starting to really hope he isn't a she, not that we don't want a girl, but we have mentally prepared ourselves for a boy and we are really happy about this. Girl for number 2 baby though please. Yesterday my nappy bag I ordered from the states arrived, and oh my god, so in love. Its so cool, perfect bag, good amount of pockets, change mat, insulated bottle holder, extra bag for soiled/wet clothes and it hangs just perfectly over my buggy handles. Not to mention it's very snazzy to look at. Just cant wait to use that and the buggy and all our baby's new stuff. So exciting. 

So there you go, the moaning and the happiness. Lastly I have one thing to add and I wasn't sure if I was going to include this in here, but I've been so honest this far I figured why not, and if you don't like hearing it stop reading. My boobs have started leaking!!!! yes you heard right. I'm not sure weather I put this into the moaning category or the happiness category, lets just put it in the weird category. I spoke to a plunket nurse friend of mine and she said its ok its normal for it to happen so soon and apparently it will probably mean ill have a really good milk supply by the time the baby arrives. So there you go. Its not like dripping down my front or anything, but a few times at night I have had a wet patch on my top. By the time bubba arrives Ill probably be able to stand outside and aim my tits at the windows and give them a breast milk wash. No need for a hose to water the plants, Ill just come out and give them a good spraying! 

There you go, all you ever needed to know and much much more. I will post again after our scan and show you some pictures. Till then have a good week and remember the more things you have got to complain about in life the more things that you have to resolve. And I tell you what, resolving piles left me feeling pretty damn good!


  1. The way you write is hysterical! Thanks for the smile & I'm just happy for you that you get to go through all of these ups & downs!

  2. Yay for no more piles! That's reason enough to celebrate! I can totally relate to many of those things - isn't getting huge just lovely??? You look way cute - love the outfit and the adorable belly!

  3. Wow.... you're certainly getting a lot of uncomfortable preg syms but glad the cream worked - must have been very uncomfortable :( Great that you can feel your little kick so strongly.... so reassuring :)) xoxo

  4. Your baby belly is it and yahh for no more piles...

    yes its amazing all the pregnancy symptoms and glad you can feel baby feeling for kicks for me yet...may have had some flutters but hard to tell in between indigestion and flutters...

  5. You make me laugh! The window wash! Ha!