Thursday, November 3, 2011

6 Month Mark - The penguin waddle.

So what do you do when you see a pregnant woman with a toddler in a buggy struggling to get on the bus? I know, make her life harder, ask her to get off the bus, fold down the pram,  not offer to help her, all the while she is struggling to do this while trying to make sure the toddler doesn't take off on the busy street. Then don't offer to help lift the buggy onto the bus and then, just for shits and giggles start driving off before she has even got herself and the toddler seated. Wanker right. Yes that would be right. But hey that's people for you these days, always so damn rude. And what happens when the pregnant woman calls the bus driver a wanker........ Well he asks her to get off the bus. YEAH RIGHT! I'm pregnant and I'm not going anywhere, except to the mall on your god damn bus. So that was my Tuesday morning for you.

I feel pretty excited that I have reached the 6 month mark! Kind of seems like now the time will just fly by. Soon he will be here!!! Woah! It's weird to think I only have 16 weeks of my current life and then my whole life will change! 

Since my last post the coolest thing to have happened is that I can now see bubba move! yes I can see him wriggling and kicking through my skin. Its so odd! it looks like a little bounce, and when he rolls it looks like a wave. Really its the coolest thing ever.

Over the last week I have been feeling really well! My heartburn tablets are really helping and everything else seems to be in check for now. The only thing is that I'm pretty exhausted by the afternoon. I'm still not keen on going out and painting the town red at night as by then I'm quite frankly had it. I'm finding that walking too far is resulting in very very sore feet and lower back pain. I used to be able to walk all the way to the local mall and back fine and the last few times I have done this my feet and back were just too sore by the time I got home, so from now on I think I will just get the bus one way, I do still like to walk so Ill keep trying to walk as much as possible. 

I am yet to spot any stretch marks, I keep checking but none as yet, fingers crossed! I have my next midwife appointment this coming Tuesday, I have been told by some other pregnant ladies that the midwife will measure the baby, Yah! so this will give me some idea of weather he is big, small, tiny, huge! not huge please! This is my first time at pushing a human out of my fanny! so preferably not too big of a boy would be good!

So do I resemble a waddling fat penguin yet?, you know when you get to a certain point in pregnancy where you start to take on a bit of a waddle, much like a tubby penguin who has been chowing down on one to many fish, well I don't think I waddle like that too much yet, I must say though by the time it gets to the end of the day I am kind of waddling from having a sore back and being tired and i start pulling out the sighs and making those funny elderly lady noises when I get up off the couch. I do sometimes feel like the penguin in the picture, like if I walk another step I may just tip over, I like to liken myself to a fat waddling penguin rather that a fat pig, simply for the fact that penguin's seem to have got their outfit sorted much better than pigs, weather they are fat or not, black and white is just simply far more flattering than pink!


  1. You are adorable!

    And the people on the bus should have revolted against that bus driver!!! RUDE!!

  2. How rude of the bus driver! You should file a complaint!
    I hear ya on the back and feet are already killing me! Glad you are feeling better otherwise!

  3. That sounds like a nightmare of a bus trip !! People really have no idea nowadays :( Great that you can see him moving... must look amazing :)) xoxo