Wednesday, September 7, 2011

4 Months!

I'm 4 Months! pretty damn great considering I never thought I would even get to 1 day pregnant. So here I am, and here is a quick run down for you all.

Size of Baby - about 10 - 11cms! ____________________________________________________ . That line is the length of the baby. That's quite big really, to go from having nothing in your belly to having a 10cm person in there is all too weird.

Maternity Clothes - Got my 2 cool pair of skinny jeans, really love these. Am able to wear tight tops now as don't just look like a fatso with a muffin top, actually look like a pregnant woman. Brought a great stretchy skirt for $10 in the weekend, and just waiting to see month by month how much I grow and what other stuff Ill need to get.

Weight Gain - Still only about 2kgs. So iv'e got alot of weight to gain yet, as normal weight gain is between 10 - 15kgs. I don't really care about weight gain, whatever I gain I gain.

Belly - Now is round and looks like a pregnant belly, Is hard when touched. Always looks alot bigger at night.

Sleep - Sleeping is alot better for me now than it was in the first trimester. I don't find it so hard to get to sleep as I did before, I am not restless and am pretty comfortable once I'm in bed, its the lying on the couch before bed that isn't very comfortable, I get to a point at night where I've had enough, I am not comfortable and just need to call it a day and go to bed.

Stretch Marks - None to speak of yet. But guess they will come. Whatever, not overly concerned.

Movement - Dont think I have felt anything as yet. Have been told that it could be any day now. One friend felt her first little fluttery movements at 17 weeks and other people are also around this time. This Is really what I'm looking forward to so much at the moment, I'm told I will know it when it happens, but so far I don't think I have felt the little fella yet.

Symptoms - Headaches, these have been quite bad. heartburn at night, dizziness occasionally. Still tired, this hasn't really eased for me, apparently in your second trimester you are meant to feel more alive, well for me I still feel tired. Stuffy nose, this is odd but a constant stuffed nose, especially when I wake in morning, I feel like I have a years worth of snot stuffed up there over night. But really all and all I cant complain, I feel good and happy.

Food - Well what can I say - Don't really think I have any weird cravings, still loving my ice cream but am not eating it so much, into fish cakes still. But just hungry more than usual.

Emotions - A bit up and down. I have been feeling a bit yuck and unattractive over the last few days, my hair needs re dying, my skin is a bit dry and I just feel a bit shit. Feel like I want to rip my husbands head off sometimes for various reasons but we wont go into that at the moment. I haven't been one of these crying pregnant ladies that I hear about. Irritability is high, at the moment there is a fly buzzing around and I can feel my blood boiling more and more, but that's ok, It will soon be dead, that's for sure.

Getting there, only 167 days to go! 


  1. Cute baby bump and luv your zebra skirt - very mommy-to-be chic!

  2. What a cute baby bump you have there. :) Glad things are continuing to go well!

  3. Loving your baby belly woo hoo...Maternity clothes shopping is fun!!!..I got this voucher on line from Mothercare do you have these stores yet in New Zealand? its from the UK...we have a few new ones opening up so for $100 I got $250 worth of feelings of movements on this end either yet...cant wait to share that moment either with you!

  4. You look fabulous - what a great looking bump! Love the update, and glad to hear everything's going so well. 4 months - amazing!

  5. Wow... time has passed so quickly !! I've been MIA for a little while then come back to find that you're already 4 months :)) Wonderful news and you look great. Love to you and bub xoxo