Thursday, July 14, 2011

Buggy Disaster part one.

Today something kind of funny happened, well I guess you could say it was one of those things where it wasn't funny at the time but now it kind of is. 

Today for the first time I took out my new single buggy, I was looking after my cousin so we went out in it and we decided to take the bus. All was fine and dandy and the buggy was impressing me with its handling and compact frame until we got off the bus. I had had the wheels locked while we were on the bus so my cousin didn't go flying across the bus into all the weirdo's that look like they have just crawled out of a cave after a million years (yes there always seems to be a weird bunch on the buses), anyhow when we went to get off I went to unlock the wheels and could feel that something wasn't right, they weren't unlocking, So i thought well I have to get off this bus so i had to just push the buggy as hard as I could till it kind of slid off the bus. So I was thinking "ok, no worries Ill just adjust this and move that and we will be off" well no! Something was not right, this buggy once again was not going anywhere. I was having flash backs of when it didn't want us to fold it down and now the damn thing doesn't even want to do the job its put on this earth for, move! The brakes were just not working, the back wheels were not moving at all! so there I am stuck with a small child and a stubborn buggy. I decided that I needed to make this problem gardener guys problem too, so I rang him at work yelling to him how he didn't put the buggy together properly and what the hell am I meant to do now! clearly it was all his fault. He pretty much couldn't do anything and suggested I get a taxi home, this didn't really seem like a clever idea as I had no car seat for my cousin and I actually needed to get a blood test done which was only down the road but how do you move a buggy that has wheels that don't move? I kind of just stood there for a while, as I often do when I strike a problem and then I realised the shop I brought it from was only a few hundred metres away. I had no choice but to push the buggy and try to balance it on its front wheels while practically tipping my poor cousin out onto the road.

We finally made it to the shop, I'm a sweaty raging mess as I storm in there and say " I brought this from you and now the breaks are screwed"!, the shop assistant kindly takes a look and says "no they are not broken, they are not installed properly", now don't I feel like a wally!! So she was a really good help and takes off the wheels and puts it all back together for me, fixing the brakes on properly. I didn't feel so bad when the manager came over and said it has happened to so many people and they are a bit tricky to put together and she often likes to put the buggy together for people before they leave the shop so its done right, so at least it wasn't just me and gardener guy being thickos. While all this was going on my cousin had taken some bikes off a shelf and was making herself quite at home and riding around the shop, oh dear lets get the hell out of here!

I reckon this is an indication of things to come for me! Something silly is likely to happen when I have my own baby. Lets just hope we put the cot together right, we don't want to wake up to a loud bang one night and see the baby lying on the floor with a broken cot on top of him/her. I'm making out like my husband is some kind of dumb ass who cant do anything, but he actually is really handy, he makes lots of things for us, he has made an out door table, many shelves, many planter boxes, a garden shed and a couple of green houses, so I better give him some credit.

Once we finally got on our way and had a fully functioning buggy I went and got my first antenatal blood test done. They took 3 viles out of me this morning! woah. This was testing for a long list of diseases etc. 

Since my last post I have the midwife situation all sorted, the midwife I was originally going with will still be caring for me and if she isn't back from her holiday when I go into labour her backup midwife will deliver the baby. Who ever does it if not fussed, they both sound nice. I have my first appointment with her on Tuesday. I will be 9 weeks then which is pretty cool as I just want the weeks to tick over quicker so I can start getting big or something. 

Also another thing to note, or should I say forget is that I am turning the big 30 next Saturday, holy crap I'm getting old. But I guess I have got to accept it and take it like everyone else has, I am going to be 30 and that's ok. I got all I wanted for my birthday, all I really wanted for my 30th birthday was to be pregnant and I am! when I had my last birthday and I wasn't pregnant and things really weren't great I just always hoped that I would be pregnant for my 30th, that was all I could ever want.

So this was the buggy disaster part one, I'm hoping there wont be a sequel. But it's very likely, I will probably go to use the new double buggy and one of the seats or something will fall off. I seem to welcome any form of disaster, big or small but as long as you can blame someone else and have a laugh about it after, there will always be a good story to tell.


  1. Great story! Yes, I think there will be many disasters like this in both our future... We just got the carseat sent to us yesterday, and the manual that came with it is like a textbook! How are we supposed to figure it all out? I just handed it to the hubs and told him it was his job... And calling hubs telling him something was his fault when there's nothing about it he can do? Definitely something I would do! :)

  2. You have such a way with storytelling. I laughed so much reading that. DH wonder what the heck I was laughing at! But glad it all worked out in the end. And thanks for making my day a little brighter by giving me a laugh first thing in the morning, I really needed that! :D