Friday, July 1, 2011

Who ate all the pies?

What does a cold, mouth ulcers a tired pregnant woman and a strange hunger for pies equal? Well me. And thank god it's Friday, I can hopefully get this cold and ulcers cleared up, I can sleep and eat pies to my hearts content.

So today I am 6 weeks 3 days. Over the last few days I have come down with a annoying cold, I pretty much put this down to all the kids I look after having colds and they keep spreading it round, no matter how much I tell families to keep their children home it still seems to fall on deaf ears. Anyhow I now have terrible ulcers on the tip of my tongue as well, if you have ever had these you will know how sore and irritating they can get, to the point where you really just want to bite them off (which by the way was a very stupid suggestion by someone when I did a google search), I don't think I will be doing that. So here I am a bit under the weather at the moment but that wont dampen my happiness. I went to acupuncture last night and he made me up a little pregnant friendly potion to cure the ulcers and actually this morning they do feel a little better, I think they will be gone over the weekend. He is my very own miracle worker that guy! I have 3 more sessions with him then I am finishing up and really the $65 a week will very much come on handy. But I would so recommend him to anyone for any kind of illness really.

So pregnancy symptoms, I think I have been really lucky so far, no nausea!!! and so I shouldn't really aye, I dealt with enough to get to this point so I deserve an easy pregnancy. Hopefully I am not speaking too soon!. The tiredness is still around and the last thing to mention or not, is my boobs, do I really go there? do I really go into such creepy, don't need to know details? hmmm...... I figure I have been pretty open and honest up until now so I may as well carry on, after all I seem to have no issues telling you I was sitting in a baby bath half naked a few months ago right, so how bad can a few booby details be? well last night I noticed they just seemed alot larger and alot more full and everything just seemed to be a bit larger and out there! get my drift? for a few seconds it kind of freaked me out! so there you go, ill leave it at that. My last pregnancy symptom and definitely my favourite one is the food, I seem to have started the cravings. Yesterday I just needed a mince pie, and I mean really needed one. It was 10.30am and a pie was all I could possibly think about, so when my friend came to visit she picked me up a pie! great! I am not really a big pie person normally, I mean yes they are yum, I may get a small savory sized one occasionally, but not a full sized one at that time of the morning. I could easily eat another couple right now and I'm writing this at 8.20am. I also really really want cakes. I have another friend visiting today and she is bringing some cakes with her. Yah. Feed the big piggy. As always would love to hear every one else's symptoms, but if you are going to try and take the last pie in the bakery be prepared to lose an arm.

This morning I had my blood test to check my levels again. Since last week my HCG has gone from 6401 to 37,349, which the nurse said was in the perfect range. All is going well and we are just hanging out till our 12th of July scan.

Mince and cheese pie, bacon and egg pie, steak and kidney pie, potato top pie, pork pie, chicken pie, fish pie, give me them all! I suppose I need to be careful about my pie consumption as it's not exactly healthy for me or the baby and I will end up looking like a big fat pie and I wont be able to blame that on the baby just quite yet. You know that song, who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies? well I think we all know the answer to that now don't we. 


  1. For me, it was who ate all the fish fingers? Paknsave were sold out within weeks.

  2. Oh, I'm so jealous! I can't eat pies any more because of my gluten-allergy, but would totally be stuffing myself with them if I could.. Think I need to go and get a snack after reading your post! ;)

  3. Bring on the cravings!!! Love this! Glad you're not feeling nausea or anything, and I hope your cold gets better soon!

  4. I am gluten challenged too..but sounds yummy! SOunds like everything is going about 2 more weeks. you may start the morning sickness...but I am crossing my fingers you do not have to endure some agony! Not a fun time. I got a little sick too at about 6 are very vulnerable right now, so wash you hands, take your vitamins, send those sick kiddos home!

  5. Yes pie does sound yummy but I have wheat intolerance not as bad as gluten but I cant eat pies either :(
    I hope you dont get MS so far so good...I think my pregnancy vitamins dont help with my nausea and sorry about the ulcers they are painful and hurt and yes I know I have wanted to bite them off in past too!! I know my craving for macaroni and cheese has gone off the radar and everything is tasting different now due to metallic taste in my mouth..ooh I cant wait until you have your scan and Im then only a week from you having mine