Thursday, August 18, 2011

13 Week follow up scan and an interesting surprise!

Well well followers, haven't I got some interesting news for you.

Yesterday we had my follow up scan to see the baby after the bleeding episode. I was nervous as usual, I just needed to see the baby to get that final confirmation that it was ok. Gardener guy was very certain that all was fine so his stress levels were zero and he probably was thinking I'm a mad woman, but hey hes not the one carrying this child now is he.

The sonographer was really great and we were there for ages, so she looked around at all the different body parts and took pictures of them all and was just really really lovely and took the time to explain everything. After seeing that of course the baby was all fine and dandy and growing right on track she asked us if we had found out the sex of the baby at our 12 week scan, I said "no" because obviously I never knew you could tell, I had heard a few times of people finding out at 12 weeks if they asked but not getting offered by the sonographer. She then said to us "would you like to know because I can have a look for you if you like", I looked at gardener guy and he had a grin on his face like "oh wow" and I told her we really wanted to know. She got a different scanner that was more sensitive and had a nosey, she then told us "BOY"! She was pretty certain and showed us what she was looking at and sure enough as clear as day there it was in between his legs, was very funny. She said of course you will get told again at the 20 week scan but she was very sure it is a boy!

Now at first I said to Gardener guy, we are not to tell anyone, but how long did that last......20 or so seconds. Even though the gender predictions can never be certain at any scan I just had to tell people, how do you keep that from people! it's so exciting. And I really don't think at the 20 week scan we are going to be told, "oh sorry its actually a girl", Just what I think. So I rang my parents and the most exciting thing for me was telling my dad, he has always wanted a boy, he is a fisherman and always tried to hassle me to go fishing with him when I was little and I did a few times but I'm not a boy am I, I really just wanted to go home and bake some cakes with mum. So I was really excited to tell him. I told mum and then told her not to tell dad, when dad got home he rang me and I told him I had some exciting news, when I told him we got told the sex of the baby he was convinced it was a girl as all his family members had girls for their first babies, I said "no, its a boy"! well he was just so over the moon and the delight in his voice was fantastic. I felt really happy, I knew a a grandson was what dad really wanted and I knew that secretly a son is what gardener guy wanted so to give that to both of them was very nice. I know I'm not meant to say this but I kind of wanted a girl for my first, I wanted to buy all the dresses and girly stuff but really after being told it was a boy and giving such delight to dad and my husband I really couldn't care less what the sex is! I have looked after lots of boys and currently am caring for boys so I am very used to boys and I think boys are really funny and as much as dresses and all things pink are exciting to buy, there are some pretty trendy boys stuff out there too!

So there you go, a really amazing day yesterday, I just felt so much better after that scan and now I'm relaxed, I am not stressing over silly things, I am having a son and bring it on!

Another wee update on all things pregnancy, I received a breast pump I brought in the mail today, it is an Avent on the go manual breast pump, it comes with all the bottles and ice packs and all the other strange bits and bobs and all discretely packed away in a black shoulder bag. No one would know what you were walking around with until you opened it up and you turned into a milking cow, I find it so funny, you put the suction piece over your boob and pump the lever and just like that out comes the babies lunch! I've gone from buying sexy bras for my boobs to buying a bloody contraption that looks like it belongs on a cows udder.

my belly is looking more and more round every damn day, again I've gone from buying clothes to make me look sexy to buying practical loose fitting clothes that will last me right up until I'm the size of yes you guessed it a cow! Hot and sexy  - No, Stretchy and comfortable - yes.

My internet searches have also changed slightly, I've gone from searching for fun clothes to buy, fun places to go out for dinner at and generally all things fun to searching for vaginal spotting and breast changes.

hmmmm..... so it seems gone are the 20's, party's, fancy clothes, late nights, random men, too much booze, waking up in the morning on the floor fully clothed with a kebab hanging out of my mouth. Welcome to the 30's, that's all nights in front of the telly, slippers and dressing gown, early nights, random husband, zero booze and waking up in the morning nice and tucked up in bed with wholly socks and a nice fresh glass of water on the nightstand. But hey, guess we have to grow up one day, or in my case pretend really really hard to be grown up. 

Although it seems my priority's have somewhat shifted, I'm still up for a few of those bring home a kebab and a big mac and a bag full of random stolen goods from random don't know where we were bars, after all we always need extra cutlery and a few glasses here and there and eating your body weight in burgers is really really fun especially if you can manage to keep it all down and not bring up the remains in the morning. I can still be 20 something, But honestly for now I'm quite happy to be 30 and thinking about nappies, breast pumps and all those grown up things, after all I am going to welcoming my son into the world soon and lets be honest no one wants to see their mum waltzing in after hours with a skirt up her ass and her lipstick smudged across her face while carrying an empty wine bottle and singing "I am woman, hear me roar", so for my sons sake Ill behave 30 something and be very sensible but at heart I'm still a silly 20 something, but for now me and gardener guy will keep that too ourselves and behave as sensible parents should.


  1. Wow~an early congrats on your little man! Crazy she could tell so early!!

  2. Congratulations! A boy!!! How wonderful!

  3. Keep the fun-loving spirit of your 20s, but just clothe it in the more sensible, I know who I am and what I want confidence of your 30s and you'll be fine.

    Congrats on the penis-sighting.

  4. Congratulations on successful scan and news of a boy...I know it does not matter what sex it is but we always have a preference depending on family reasons...there is no granddaughter on hubbys side and only one on my mums side so to boost number of women would be great but as I say whatever the universe has granted me and you we will be happy to receive....
    and I can relate to the 30's change of image....hahahah....exactly how I feel but loving it..

  5. A boy! That's so wonderful! Glad things are going well for you...

  6. A boy! How exciting! Knowing the gender makes it so much more real, doesn't it?

    I love what you write about growing up and changes in priorities. So very true - and wonderful!

  7. Huge congrats on a boy! That is what I am hoping to be blessed with. I know, most women say they want a little girl first, but I would love to give my husband a son. Really though, I don't care about the sex as long as I get at least one happy, healthy miracle. That's all that really matters. I know you feel the same. :) Congrats again. So happy for you and your family.

  8. oh I wish I knew you in our 20's. sound crazy and fun! :)
    Yes..I wanted a girl..what mommy doesn't want a little mini me. But actually i wanted a older boy to take after his little sister. I did the string test showing it was a boy 3 three or two weeks ago...I got a little upset for a minute but then i thought of all the great things about having a boy..and there are cute clothes for boys. momma's boy;)