Sunday, August 28, 2011

Your morning paper

One of my non blogging friends referred to my blog as her morning paper, she reads it every morning religiously and gets either a laugh or some thing else out of it for her day ahead. What a rubbish morning paper it has been lately!

So after this comment and all the other comments from bloggers I have decided how could I stop writing when not only do I enjoy it but I seem to be helping and giving woman a laugh when they might just need it on a rough day. I think I was just having a moment where I didn't really know what to write, "writer's block" so to speak, I cant really get myself a muse for some inspiration because I am my own inspiration really, I'm not writing fiction so I need to pull something out from what is happening in real life, and I guess some days I just have nothing at all to say. I got up, I worked, I ate, I went to bed, not exactly riveting. But I'm still here and I will keep writing about my pregnancy.

So picture this - pants that are made of track suit material but look like black skinny jeans. Heaven! I was given a pair of ripe maternity pants that are just amazing, they are the most comfortable things I have ever worn, I highly recommend every woman should own a pair, and I don't just mean every pregnant woman, who the hell needs jeans when you can have these little treasures covering your caboose. They are kind of like Jeggings but thicker material so you don't feel like a fatso just wearing leggings with no skirt. As I said Heaven. These are my new favourite thing. 

Favourite thing number two - buying little itsy bitsy shoes, oh dear god, these are just the cutest wee things on the planet. clearly they serve absolutely no purpose, after all my little boy isn't going to get up and go for a walk to the shops at 3months old, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't wear shoes. Yes I could just take him out in socks or booties but why not whack a pair of ultra cute shoes on the boy. I have brought 3 pairs of 3 - 6mths old shoes and plan on having a whole load of them (so there you go people, gift idea right there, hint hint). I still think perhaps I shouldn't buy stuff as he could still turn out to be a she at the 20 week scan, but I just cant help myself, I don't mean too, it just happens. Oh well bugger it, its making me happy, if he turns into a she well then Ill just put away all the boys stuff and pray the next one is a boy. I don't think the 20 week scan will show any different, I'm either having a boy or a 3 legged girl either way there will be shoes on feet. 

Favourite thing number three - desserts. I kind of wish this new obsession would go away, this cant be good for my waist line and the worst part is now I have no idea what is extra fat and what is the baby! I have gained about 1.5kgs, which doesn't really seem like alot considering how big I seem to be getting. I literally feel like I'm going to explode some nights, my belly is so hard and feels ready to pop open at the seams, not that this stops me from shovelling in some more cake! as I have said before I have always been a real savory person, I didn't have much of a sweet tooth, well this is all out the window since my little bubba has made himself at home. Last night I made the worlds hardest rock cake you have ever had, I swear if you threw it at a window in an aeroplane (you know the ones, that the glass is so thick they aren't meant to break), well if you threw this cake at that window it could crack the whole window open and then the cake would come spiralling back at you and hit you in the head and kill you. It was hard. A stogy hard cake. Anyhow I am over that and onto the next baking disaster, today I made a lemon and apricot slice, this turned out great actually, so sweet but so good. I also plan to make a sticky date pudding with gooey caramel sauce tonight so we will see how that goes. 

Most frustrating thing at present - Now this one links into the reason the cake was so hard. Memory and brain function in general = ZERO. Yes for some reason being pregnant turns you into some kind of thicko who can barely remember your own name led alone a cake in the oven. So yes the cake was hard because I literally had no recollection of making one, even though there was plenty of dirty cake bowls and spoons lying around and a smell of cake wafting out of the oven to give me a hint something was cooking, I forgot. And this isn't the only incident, I went into the supermarket the other day to get a tin of tomatoes, that was it, I got in there and had not a clue what I wanted, no fucking idea!! do you know how frustrating this is, what the hell was I to do, I walked round and round and for some reason brought a 1kg box of fish cakes, not quite tin tomatoes but that's what jumped out at me. Do you want to hear more? well this is a goodie, the other day I asked gardener guy to please bring in the washing for me (yes I am saying please these days), and he brought it in, I folded it all and put it all away. So about 20minutes later I open the window and shout out " Hey, I asked you to bring in the washing! can you bring it in"!!, he looked at me confused and said "are you serious", I then looked at him confused and replied," ah well yes", he then replied " I already brought it in, you folded it and put it away"!, oops..... don't recall that but as I look out to the empty washing line I realise this must be true. loopy aye!. So in a nutshell don't invite me anywhere because chances are I wont remember to turn up.

Upcoming events - Well our midwife appointment is this Tuesday since the last one never happened, get to hear the heart beat again and I will be 15 weeks pregnant! whoa!. Then only 5 weeks till 20 week scan! hopefully in next few weeks I feel the baby move, I expect to feel faint fluttering like movements, apparently I will know them when I feel it, but so far I dont think I have, but any time now! how cool will that be. Or the lazy bugger will just be sleeping all the time due to an overload of dessert.                      
So although this now weekly paper may not exactly have all the hard hitting international events on every page it will still have plenty of truth, which is something reporters strive so hard to get out of a story and so rarely seem to achieve, so here my truth will continue to fill these pages and give you a smile hopefully as we can only take so much of reading about earthquakes, terrorists, poverty, murders and all that stuff, sometimes we just want to wake up, have a nice strong coffee and curl up on the couch and read something that starts the day on a happy note. And that is what you will get, as long as I can remember what I'm meant to be writing about!


  1. Love reading your updates! And your favorite things - wonderful. Welcome to the life of pregnancy brain - it's awful, isn't it???

  2. I agree with your friend (ok, so I've been a little absent on the blog scene lately). I really enjoying reading your updates for a smile or a laugh. =) Keep them coming!

  3. hurry up woman, this post has been here since Sunday!! You dont have to write bit long ones, just write something. You're never gonna be a famous writer this way, the fans will be revolting......

  4. hahahah! you crack me up Clewis!!! I made a cake when I was 14 and it dropped on the floor and came back up! Yeah..I decided at that moments..never to bake a cake ever again!!:)
    heheheh yes..pregnancy brain! very funny stuff!
    oh and saying please is always a good thing.