Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Questions and Answers

Hi all, I'm back and in today's post I thought I'd answer some questions. I have read some questions and answers on other woman's blogs and find it quite interesting, so I've compiled my own set for you to read.  If by the end of all this you still have unanswered questions about me, well then really you are just way to interested in me and quite frankly need to get out more.

 * How Many weeks am I? 
let's start off with a boring question with a non juicy answer, I'm 11 weeks, bang on today!

*What has been the best part of being pregnant so far?
For me really I think just feeling at ease, being able to go to bed at night without the worry of infertility and thinking about what to do next. Having exactly what I have wanted for so so long. And definitely seeing our baby's little heart beat. And of course being able to be a fat pig and get away with it, also being extra bossy and demanding is now quite acceptable, well to a certain degree anyhow.

* What has been the worst part of being pregnant?
Seeing blood! for sure, that had to be the scariest moment ever, all that horrible fear of having something so precious taken away from me was just dreadful. And from then on I guess the fear of something bad happening isn't that fun, I have been trying to contain this but just sometimes I still get a little worried. And I have to say it, the constipation.

* Any food cravings?
Well, let me see, I have gone through phases, first I wanted mince pies then apple pies and I seem to always want burgers, for a brief second I wanted fruit and did eat quite alot of it then realized that it never is going to taste as good as a burger. But the weirdest thing for me is I'm batty about desserts, I never really was into sweet things all to much before, I would never order a dessert when I was out and didn't want a dessert at home, but oh my, now I want anything sweet. If you are out there and you are a dessert maker, bring me a big cream pie! I also had my first 'I want food meltdown' last week, it was 9pm and I was dying for a cheeseburger, I actually started crying and begging gardener guy to get out of his Pj's and drive me down to McDonald's. I was a weeping mess, but of course I got my burger!

* What's happening in the weight department?
Nothing really too bad. A few articles of clothing are starting to feel a bit uncomfortable and I have stopped wearing fitting tops as I just feel like I have a bit of a gut hanging over my pants and not that really cool preggy belly, so I've put those away till I develop a nice round belly.I cannot do up my nice winter coat anymore, although there is a valid reason for this, I brought this coat last year living under the allusion that I would never ever put on a single pound, not even a half a pound, not even a quarter a pound, and I brought it only just being able to fit it, it had no room for error, I either never ate again or I didn't get the coat, I chose the option of buying this fabulous coat and praying I never gained an inch, so there you go, this coat being unable to button up was a given really. I do have plenty of maternity and loose clothes, I was given quite alot and have brought a few essential pieces - some skinny leg jeans and some nice shorts and a dressy skirt. The rest of the stuff is great for everyday use. I have ordered 2 Hotmilk maternity bras online as my current bras are getting too tight and uncomfortable, I will try and wear these for as long as I can push it though.

* What is Gardener guys main views on the pregnancy?
Well obviously sheer joy and relief and feeling so happy. He mainly just wants the baby here now, he doesn't talk about it as much as I do at the moment, but I think that for him this is just a bit of a boring stage, he cant physically tell I'm pregnant and there is no exciting kicks for him to feel so its just a waiting game for him. His 2 things he dislikes about this pregnancy is that I have turned into a bit of a physco, I am told the hormones settle down when I enter my second trimester so I bet he will be pleased for that, the other shitty thing for him is he is not allowed to have sex with me!!! since the bleeding at 7 weeks, our fertility doctor told us to stop having sex till I reached 12 weeks! so its been a gruelling 4 weeks so far and 1 more to go. Seriously though anyone would thing the guy was dying, It's only 5 weeks after all, but I guess for men that's a lifetime and oh boy don't I hear about it!  

* Any question I wont answer?
You may think, yeah right, this girl will ramble on about anything you ask her, well surprise surprise, there is one question I wont answer and that is - what name will you call your baby? We have a very definite name for a boy and a girl which we both love. I want to keep this a secret because I figure everything else couldn't really be kept a surprise, I chose to open up and tell people in my life that I was doing IVF and obviously I had to let everyone know the results each time, so getting pregnant wasn't such a huge surprise, not that I would have had that any other way, I needed that support and I wanted my friends and family to know. Since we are going to find out the sex and we will tell people the sex when we find out I just think It will be kind of nice to keep the name a surprise.

* What have I got for the baby/need to get for the baby?
I know I'm only 11 weeks pregnant and so many woman at his stage have nothing at all sorted, but you must understand I'm a planner, I like to have things sorted, and the fact that I have been trying for a baby for 2 and a half years kind of gave me time to think about what I wanted and collect little things over that time. So here goes: We have got a new white cot and white change table, a new carseat, a new moses basket, a new single buggy and a double buggy (for when I start back working), a playmat. I have brought second hand or been given -  an armchair for feeding, a baby bath, a bouncenette, an Advent microwave sterilizer, a front pack. My mum has also kept me in supply of nappies, wipes, creams, and all sorts of lotion and potions, she has also been knitting all sorts of cute stuff. I have clothes that I have collected over time but am not buying anymore till we know the sex. The main things I have yet to get that I want are a monitor, an electric breast pump, a nappy bag (which I am very particular about and have been keeping my eye on a few), and really just some other little bits and pieces. So yes I probably am a little more obsessed than your average pregnant woman, but really the way I got to this point wasn't exactly average, I am so excited and I just want to have everything I want for this baby and I don't really care about spending a load of money as I think I deserve to get some nice new things for this baby, why stop spending aye, it has already cost us a bundle, may as well keep costing more!

* Thing's I am not looking forward too?
Just the biggie, but the most important part of this all, giving birth! lets be honest here, no one exactly looks forward to pushing a whole human out of their vagina.  I am not looking forward to the pain and I guess the unknown, I hate the unknown, I cant say what will happen, if it will be a long drawn out labour or if I will need a cesarean or if there will be complications of if it will be nice and quick. Who's to know? no one at this point and I think that is pretty scary. But even though it wont be a bag of laughs, I will just need to keep focused and calm and keep thinking about what I'm getting at the end of it all.

* What does the future hold for Clewis and Gardener Guy?
A healthy happy baby I think! Some really happy times. We have gardener guys parents coming over from the UK in December to look forward to, we have a happy Christmas to look forward to with no broken hearts, we have New years, we have another birth in the family, we have Gardener guys birthday, our wedding anniversary, all this before the baby arrives!  We also hope to extend our family and have a second baby not too far behind the first, we don't know if this will happen naturally or if we will have to use our frozen embryo but watch this space people, there may be more little gardener people arriving in the near future!


  1. What a great update! Woohoo for 11 weeks!!! I'm very impressed with all the stuff you've accumulated... I need to go shopping!

  2. So exciting! We aren't sharing the names either... obviously still call them Baby A and B :) But you'll find out soon only 3 more weeks max!

    It has been the best thing to not share their names. People can be very opinionated and we didn't want to hear anyones! If you love the name, thats all that matters :)