Friday, August 12, 2011

Back on track

We are back on track. After my small meltdown due to more bleeding all is fine again. Yet again! I'm really getting fed up of all these dramas and I just want a stress free pregnancy, but I guess that's not really possible, we all worry don't we, no matter how small the issue. Its just hard to imagine losing this baby, so guess what, I'm not going too and this baby is here to stay.

We went to the hospital yesterday to the maternity assessment unit and saw a really lovely doctor. She asked me lots and lots of questions, mostly about the bleeding and my level of activity prior to the bleeding. Then she got me up on the bed and would you bloody believe it out came the damn speculum again, I am not a fan of this device, so they cranked me open and took a swab of the area, also she left me open wide and she had a good nosey in there and the good news was she couldn't see any blood at all right up there, not a bit, so the brown blood is really old blood. She then took out the speculum and did an internal exam with her fingers, or should I say practically  her whole arm! anyway she said everything felt perfect. Once all this was done I sat back down and she completely reassured me that everything is fine and there are a million reasons for a small bleed, there is so much stretching and moving going on so its normal for a bit of irritation on the cervix etc to cause some spotting.  

I wasn't allowed another scan yesterday as the doctor would get in trouble with the scan department for doing an un-necessary scan so close to when I just had my last one. So we went down to the scan department and got one booked in for this coming Wednesday. The doctor said "lets just let you have another look at the baby for that extra reassurance", but as far as she is concerned we are all good and on track.

And funnily enough after she did her examinations I haven't had anymore spotting. Perhaps she pulled the last of it out. So I'm blood free and feeling good again.

Another thing that was picked up was that I have a negative blood type, which meant that I needed an injection in my bum. lovely. This is because if our baby has a positive blood type, my negative blood type might attack the baby's blood, or something along those lines, was rather confusing, but that's the way me and gardener guy took it. We don't know gardener guys blood type and of course we don't know the baby's blood type so I have to have this shot, this will last me for 6 weeks then I will need another one and then I think another few during my pregnancy. So more dignity gone, bum stuck out and shot in. An hour later and we left the hospital all sorted!

So Wednesday will be nice to see bubba again, because of all this bleeding we have had 2 extra scans so its quite nice to get another chance to see the baby, I just want to lie there all day watching it, its so cool. And the following week we have our midwife appointment and she will use a doppler so we can hear the heartbeat.  

Sorry for all the moaning and groaning, will leave you all in peace now till we see the baby again on Wednesday. Good luck for any upcoming tests and results to anyone who is having those.


  1. I am so glad everything is okay!! I do not think seeing blood during your pregnancy is fun at all. It happened to me and i was shaken to the core for a week. Sorry to hear about the shots you have to take. I have never heard of that situation.

  2. So glad to hear everything is ok!! Blood is scary during your pregnancy.. but just to ease your mind, I am now 31 weeks pregnant and have bled throughout my pregnancy. Just make sure you are taking care of yourself and not pushing yourself too much and you'll be fine! Sorry to hear about the shots you have to take.. just when you think you are all done with needles. Yuck! Congrats on 12 weeks!

  3. Ugh. I hate the speculum. It's so dang demoralizing, lol. Yuck. BUT the good news is that all is well and you're healthy! Glad to hear everything is okay!

  4. After everything you've gone through to get pregnant, I wish you could have a super stress-free pregnancy! Hopefully from here on out there will be no more concerns! And fabulous that you get more scans... :)

  5. So sorry to hear you have had bleeding!! It is so scary and perfectly acceptable to moan. It never seems to be easier but glad on track again.

  6. Relieved to hear all as well. It's good that you have a doctor willing to work with and reassure you, when so many others would be dismissive. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead. Thinking of you!