Monday, June 27, 2011

6 Weeks!

So tomorrow I hit the 6 week mark. Pretty cool aye! I know it's only been 2 weeks since we found out the good news but I'm pretty sure gardener guy feels like I have been a moaning pregnant woman for a hundred years! Its a pretty damn good excuse to get dinners made, dishes done and get plenty of cups of tea and Milo made for me. I decided not to provide another creepy Google images picture of a 6 week old fetus floating in goo, lets just say looking at an updated version of something that looks like an alien every week is sure to drive the readers away right?

So yes, gardener guy has been good, he has cooked dinner whenever I have said that I don't want to and he has taken it upon himself to do the dishes every night and generally run around after me that little bit extra. I think he is still just so happy that nothing really seems like a chore these days. 

So 6 weeks aye, I have heard from alot of woman that 6 weeks is when everything started to turn to custard. The nausea started and generally the feeling of really being pregnant. So what have I had so far? well I haven't really felt sick yet, I must say I do feel a bit shitty at nights but I think this is really because I'm so tired, speaking of tired, this is what I am all the time, this would be my biggest indication that I'm pregnant, I just feel tired alot. I am still falling asleep every night on the couch and to make it worse at the moment I have a horrible cold. My boobs still have that really heavy feeling but not sore. And that is all, nothing to exciting or creepy to report yet.

Buying? well we know no matter how much people say don't buy stuff right away, we all know that is just going to go right in one ear and out the other with me. I purchased a very cool Moses basket online the other day, for those of you who haven't heard of these they are very cute natural woven little baskets for baby to sleep in, like a portable bassinet, it has handles on it so you can move the baby around in it and generally just look super cute (and super cute it is, but thats not what the delivery guy thought when he delivered it and said "is that a dogs basket"!, the cheek of him!). Me and gardener guy have been and looked at buggy's and I think I know the one I want and we have picked out a nice white cot and matching change table. Later on we will put these on lay by so we can easily pay these off over the months. My mother has been buying nappies for me like I'm having 50 babies, but who can complain, not me.

I have spoken to my potential midwife and she sounds just lovely, I think we will really like her and I cant see any reason why we wouldn't want to go with her as our midwife. We have a meeting with her on the 19th July which will be my 9 week mark. 

As happy as I am I never forget how I got to this point and sometimes I think briefly, how could I have managed another round if It had come to that. I try not to think about it too much as it's over now and that is that but when I read other woman's blogs its hard to forget how horrible it was and still is for many people. I wonder if i will ever just conceive a baby naturally and stress free, who knows? I hope to be able to have a large family, but again who knows if I will get that? As much as I think I cant cope with anymore treatments, the reality is I would probably do it all over again in a heartbeat if it meant getting another baby, and the reality is I will be doing it all over again when we do a frozen transfer to try and extend our family. 

For now my mind lays with my 6 week old baby growing happily and healthy inside me and I'm looking forward to everything that comes my way. Thanks for the continued reading (if there is anyone still out there reading), and I look forward to hanging out more with my friends and family without having a black cloud over my head! Yah for that!


  1. yay 6 weeks!! and yay for some baby items!! So exciting! cheers!

  2. Congrats on 6 weeks! And your shopping sounds like fun... are Moses baskets not very common where you are? (I'm from the UK and think they're pretty common...)

  3. Yay for 6 weeks Im still reading as we are only 5 days apart so it will be great to share our pregnancy journey together
    Good on you for buying baby stuff and celebrating this need to celebrate and not to be alarmed or worried..thats what I decided...I have bought a couple of outfits, singlets and a friend said every week you go shoppping buy something from grocery store so you have an abundance of baby goodies when he/she arrives

    I have not hit 6 weeks but have had feelings of MS more nauseous but all day today but thats ok its all for good cause !!!

  4. Congrats on 6 weeks! I know that I am excited with every week that passes and we get closer to getting to meet our little baby - still so long to go though!

  5. Yay for 6 weeks! I never had morning sickness, but definite nausea and food aversions. Hope you don't it!

  6. Congrats on 6 weeks! Hopefully you are one of those lucky pregos that don't get sick at all - how great would that be? But oh, the exhaustion of early pregnancy. That one's a bitch! I love that you're buying stuff and enjoying it - keep it up!

  7. You will never forget vbut make sure you enjoy it as much as you can you've earned it!

  8. So glad to hear that things are moving along so nicely!!! Hopefully you will never have to deal with morning sickness!!! You've come so far, C! You deserve that family and I am still elated for you and GG!!!