Friday, June 17, 2011

3 Days later & my cat hates me

Hi all, So its been 3 happy days since we got our positive and what has been going on? well apart from the over the top happiness in our house  I now think my beautiful cat has one serious problem with me! Yes you heard right, ever since Tuesday (and actually gardener guy reckons even before that) she has had the shits with me. We have come to the conclusion she knows something fishy is going on and she is not happy. She looks at me in disgust, as if to say "how dare you bring someone else into this house", she has been giving out extra swipes lately and seems to be more in love with gardener guy and less in love with me. Soon I am just going to be a bit fat moaning woman sitting on the couch all alone eating burgers while her and gardener guy are cuddled up together giving me evil glares. 

On other news, well really there isn't any, as far as symptoms go I am still getting the cramps on and off and occasionally I will get some weird twinges, I also feel worse at night, I guess its just after a long day. Last night I feel asleep on the couch and woke up feeling horrible, was hard to drag myself to bed. Apart from that theres nothing major as yet. No sore boobs, no nausea, but I guess that will come so I shouldn't really wish that too soon. I am still using the pessaries until I'm told its safe to stop, I should get told when I can stop these after my blood test tomorrow. The pessaries are becoming more and more messy, so not attractive!  

I'm a little worried about the blood test results tomorrow, what if my HCG levels aren't rising well? I'm sure all will be fine, its just the first little hurdle to get over. I should get a 7 week scan date tomorrow too, so that's really exciting, for once it will be a scan to see something exciting instead of a whole heap of eggs. I am going to try and get a meeting with my friends midwife (not sure if I will do this before or after the scan, will ask my nurse what she thinks), but my friends midwife is meant to be great so will try and secure her. I have been reading all sorts of weird books and some are actually damn freaky! there seems like so much stuff to remember and get on top of, and I wont even go into some of the birthing pictures I have seen! let me save that for another post!

Gardener guy is great, he wakes every morning with a smile on his face and happy to go to work, this was just not the case before, things were getting on top of both of us, life was not fun for us, so to feel the way we do now is beyond great. 

I am trying to hold myself back from going absolutely berserk and shop like I'm expecting a baby any day, I just so want to buy stuff!! I will try not to buy any major things like the cot, moses basket, change table, high chair or the buggy for a while yet and just satisfy my need to shop by getting small bits and pieces. I was in the supermarket yesterday and couldn't resist buying some nappies, funny aye, I figured it doesn't hurt to stock up, I don't want to get my baby home and run out of nappies and have to wrap their ass in a plastic bag now do it! the cat wouldn't be the only one hating me after that.

That's all for now ladies (and any men reading, you are allowed to read, I pity you for reading all this, but good on you), till tomorrow results I'm off to try and beg for a little love and attention off my cat, I don't like my chances though, animals can sense things right? she is not impressed, well I'm not impressed, who will win, a stroppy old cat with serious confusion as to weather she is actually a cat or a human or a stroppy old pregnant woman who is pretty sure she will start to look like some kind of wild animal in the coming months? hmmm..... lets be honest, the cat will probably win, paws down.


  1. WOW... I'm soooo behind !! I had no idea when I replied to your email this morning... I'm so sorry. CONGRATULATIONS :))) Wonderful news... I'm so excited for you and FXd for your beta tomorrow. Fantastic... big hugs to you xoxo

  2. I have a friend whose cat went wild hours before she went into labour, and another whose dogs went wild with barking hours before her milk came in(with newborn baby). Cool aye! Your cat is jealous it seems. Our cat LOVES mike and doesnt think much of me, i had some romantic notion that when i was pregnant she wouldnt leave my side, but no, she still hated my guts.

  3. I love the look on your cat's face in the picture! Hilarious! Hope all goes well with the beta test and getting your scan date - I'm sure it will :) xx

  4. Oooh its so exciting as I can now join you in the Trimester 1 woo hoooo .....your cat is soo cat is always hormonal hahah we have a love hate relationship and my dog just loves me to bits and still wants cuddles...but she did bury her nose into my lap this morning but only for brief moment....

    I know I dont know if I can bring myself to buying anything yet I mean we bloody deserve it to be able to as we have thought about being pregnant for how many years now....Im about to go out and buy myself a pee on a stick so I get to see the positive woo hoooo....

  5. Congratulations on your BFP!!! It's truly wonderful news!

  6. So bizarre about your cat! I honestly believe that animals can sense certain things, especially the stuff going on inside our bodies... I hope she comes around! And I have everything crossed for a fabulous beta!

  7. Haha. Could be your cat senses there are changes taking place. Maybe she just needs time to come around? :P And I totally don't blame you for wanting to go out and buy baby stuff, I am not even pregnant yet and already I have that impulse. LOL. Best wishes for your blood test tomorrow, may your numbers be rising steadily. :)

  8. Animals can test your change in hormones. Be very careful - cats (female cats especially) can be overly sensitive and get moody and unpredictable. My friends cat attacked her and they had to get rid of it when she was about 20 weeks pregnant.

    Congrats and I hope you get only good news on from here on out :)