Friday, June 24, 2011

Ventilation Man

My husband has become obsessed with all things related to ventilation. If It can suck moisture out of the air, he wants it. Fans, dehumidifiers, fancy heater's, you name it, we apparently need it. 

This obsession started pretty much the second we found out I was pregnant. There was now going to be a very tiny person coming into our house that needs the house to be fully ventilated. I'm not complaining, it's nice that he is so concerned about this, its just funny. He has a plan to rip the whole spare bedroom apart and somehow make it as dry as a bone, I'm sure it will be like living in the dessert in the baby's room, hot and dry, not a spot of moisture there. We have got a dehumidifier from my parents and he has had that cranking every night and he proudly shows me all the water that has come out of the room "see, see, look at that, told you it was damp". He is searching for a heater to put in the room and he has plans of taking every thing out of the room and basically scrubbing it from head to toe. Rather him than me aye! Ill stick to decorating the room when he has done making it spic and span, that's much more fun for me. We also apparently need to get some kind of pipe thing to use for the dryer in the laundry which will hang out the window so when the dryer is on we are not getting condensation in the laundry, which by the way is no where near the baby's future room. But as I said I wont complain, funny man.

Apart from gardener guy turning into the man with the fan, what else has been happening, well I am waiting to hear back from the midwife, should hear from her next week. Symptoms are as follows, I am now 5 weeks 3 days and tiredness seems to be the main thing, I am always falling asleep on the couch at night and ok day time too, I think I need to get to bed before I start to nod off as then it gets too hard to drag myself into bed, I feel like my feet are made of concrete blocks. I have spoken to a few woman who have all said they started to feel sick at about 6 weeks, so I figured if it was going to happen to me I didn't have long to go, well this morning I woke up and felt a bit sickly, not terribly but enough for me to think, oh I don't like this. I was dry reaching and the more I did the more I couldn't stop! I tried to breath through it and had some water. Of course this happens on the day that I need to dash out the door to have a blood test so I had to suck it up really and go. When I got home I had a piece of dry toast and now i seem better. So I suppose its not too bad at the moment. My boobs have been aching still on and off and feel quite heavy. I also had possibly the worst nights sleep in history last night, I just felt yucky and had weird pains in my stomach so I just kept waking and feeling horrible, the last time I woke was at about 4.30am and the stomach pains were gone and I felt better so I got back to sleep till I got up at 6.25am.That is all for now, how are you other ladies who recently got a positive doing symptom wise?

The blood test this morning was my 3rd HCG level check and to check I am holding my own progesterone, I had stopped the progesterone pessaries on Tuesday so the clinic wanted to check I didn't need to start them back up. The results were my HCG level has gone from 1st HCG = 100, 2nd HCG = 696 and today's 3rd HCG = 6401.My progesterone levels were all good too at 663 which is plenty high enough so no need for more pessaries, It all sounds like my pregnancy is well and truly going well!

I'm so looking forward to the weekend and a sleep in, I have been up before 7am for 12 straight days, I need a lie in, so this weekend is going to be heaven for me. While I sleep gardener guy can air out the house till its so dry that our skin is peeling and tough as an old boot, I don't care as long as I'm left to sleep he can ventilate to his hearts content. 


  1. Love that gardener guy is obsessed with ventilation! I guess we all pick slightly odd things to obsess over, don't we! Your symptoms sound very normal.. think I felt pretty much the same at the same time :)

  2. Your man is soo soo funny!!!! Its so sweet how the male partner changes as well with the news of pregnancy in different ways even though they are not carrying baby maternally hehe my hubby already loves talking to the baby growing inside and they say even if their ears are not properly formed they still feel the vibration its so sweet
    Yes I am feeling nauseous and I am only 5 weeks today but not dry wrenching or vomiting just feel sickly...except for when I had to attempt to regurgitate the mascarpone cheese I took a bite of in tiramisu today and realised shit I dont think I can eat it....

  3. So funny that gardener guy is obsessed with ventilation. He's going to be such a good dad! The number one thing that helped me with nausea is keeping crackers or cheerios or something by the bed and eating it before I get up, and any time I woke up during the night. Keep some food, just a little, in your belly at all times. Hope that helps!