Monday, April 11, 2011

Miserable Music Monday

Today is Monday, and let's be honest, is there actually anyone out there that looks forward to Monday, is there anyone out there that can put Monday out there as their favourite day? "Oh yes I love Monday's, it's great, it means the dreadful weekend is over and we cant get into a new working week, hooray" yeah right! Well maybe there is one breed of people that look forward to Mondays, its those annoying mothers that love everything, love everyday and are high on the crummy old air they breath because they are with child and are in a permanent state of bliss, these type of mothers are unfortunately what i encountered today and what probably helped to put me in this shitty mood.

This morning for some ridiculous reason I decided to torture myself again by attending the children's music session at the library, now I find all these groups so hard at the moment but I try to make a real effort to go to at least one a week for the boys, and the fact that this is my job and I don't want to come across as some kind of unstable depressed woman (better to keep that under wraps). So in we go and of course I try to avoid eye contact with any of the mothers, in case they strike up a conversation which always leads to me being asked "how old are your boys, twins?", I always reply "no they are not mine and not twins and then try to pretend I have some kind of mental problem so they stop talking to me. Really one day I would love to just say "well actually you know what lady, they aren't mine, but thanks for reminding me that I am without children of my own because I have been battling for the last 2 years and have still got nowhere, now please stop talking to me and take your jolly spirit with you!". Perhaps next week Ill give that one a whirl. So if all the smiling, high as a kite, laughing, over the top mothers weren't enough, there was of course a mum who decided to whip out her boob and feed her 3yr old child! Now I'm no prude, I have no issues with breastfeeding, but I do find it slightly odd to still be breastfeeding a walking, talking child with teeth! I know there are many mothers out there that do this, and you may be reading this and completely disagree with me, which is fine, there is after all nothing wrong with doing it, just in my opinion its a bit weird, if you cant eat a chop you shouldn't be eating a boobie, and this is my blog so my opinion is what you get to hear. So anyhow, out comes the boob, on goes the giant child and away they go, a spot of morning tea, then her friend next to her (obviously following the same philosophy of tit is the best food for any age), whips hers out and chucks her 3yr old on!, just to make matters more weird, instead of the lovely old lady who normally takes the session, we had a giant manly man! bet he didn't realise he was signing up for the 3yr olds tit eating session! I half expected one of the kids to get their little ferocious teeth out and bite the mums over used nipple off, only to go rolling across the carpet and land at the manly man's feet! now that would have been a reason for me to attend next week if ever there was one!

So there you go, this is my life, trying to deal with day to day annoyances. I feel a bit shitty today, this may be because I expect my period soon, so a bit of pre menstrual blues, it may simply be because the weekend is over and I had to drag myself out of bed at 6.25am this morning. Its likely a combination of all of these topped off with the stupid music session I attended.

I guess the worst of Monday is now over and leading me into Tuesday which leads me closer to the end of the week and IVF day 1. Yah for that. Now why cant someone invent a playgroup for infertile people? Hold on, I think I just did. My playgroup would be full of mad, frowning woman instead of happy smiling woman, and instead of getting high off their baby's sweet smell, we would be getting high of weed, which by the way would be supplied. Instead of silly children's rhymes and laughing every time one of the children does something really dumb, and not even funny we would have an amazing DJ every week and we would be laughing at each other because we are actually funny and of course the weed probably helps with that. It would most definitely not be named something ridiculous like mini minstrels, mini musos, bounce and rhyme, giggle and jiggle, bop and hop, or dance and prance.

Wouldn't this make Monday's alot more bearable? Magic instead of misery, sign up now, criteria - must be miserable, barren and have a strong hatred for nursery rhymes, silly songs about speckled frogs sitting on logs, monkeys who fall out of bed, and generally any song involving an animal. Sounds like you? great, see you there next Monday.


  1. Your infertile playgroup sounds so fun! I would love to come! I'm sorry you had to go to that miserable group. I admire you for going, because it's probably good for the boys, but ugh. Breastfeeding at 3 years old? I think it's so wrong! If the kid can clearly state "I want some milk" it should come out of a cow, not the boob...

  2. Oh how you make me laugh! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooooooxxxxx

  3. oh how you have a way with words and the images are perfect!!!!
    I agree with you with the nursing. Luckily, I never had the privilege to witness such an act. lol