Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sleep ovaries sleep

In approximately one week my ovaries will be put to sleep, now as far as I'm concerned they haven't exactly been alive and kicking this far, a few measly eggs here and there doesn't exactly equal wide awake. Anyhow they will be put to sleep, as my doctor puts it. I will be starting the pill when my period arrives in about 1 week and then the ovaries go to sleep. Tuck them in and let them rest for a few weeks in hope that when they wake up to a shot of drugs that they perform better. If I had been sleeping for a couple of weeks then all of a sudden had hard core drugs coursing through me I would damn well wake up and pay attention.

So one week till IVF number 2 begins, I feel excited. Some people get excited about going out for a fun night, starting a new project, buying a new coat, Me, having my husband stick needles in my stomach twice a day, well I'm sure you get my drift, it's not the actual needles that get me all excited, I'm not a weirdo after all, I'm not about to continue the needles just for shits and giggles after I'm pregnant, but you know its the possible outcome that gets me all giddy with excitement.

I really cant wait till egg retrieval to find out how many precious eggs we get to fertilize. More than last time hopefully. Thinking back to my last egg retrieval, you often wonder why there wasn't as much as we wanted, was it because our doctor came swanning in wearing jeans and a ralph lauren polo all casual like, everyone else was all in the surgical garb, except the actual surgeon. I mean it was a Sunday after all, so he was only coming in to the surgery for me, but come on, he may as well have brought in his Sunday brunch with him! minus the eggs though, I have enough rubbish one's he can have for brunch! grose......Only kidding, he is a very professional, trusted surgeon and the head director of the clinic. But hey lets just blame that, the doctor was in the Sunday brunch zone while I was in the Saturday night party all night drug zone, just a shame those drugs didn't last longer, as in all week, they are damn good, if nothing good comes out of this, at least I get a nice shot of those lovely drugs again.

Today when I was out I saw the most gorgeous little African baby, in this cute little outfit, she was just perfect. This got me thinking back to adoption again. We could adopt a baby from a less fortunate country, there certainly are many little treasures that need some love. Although realistically if we did adopt it would be a child from our own country, I just think an overseas adoption is too tricky and even more pricey. On the issue of adoption, I can say we are very very far off this, I would never rush into this, I would have to had exhausted every option of having our own biological child before I went into adoption, I just think it's not fair on the new baby to take it on board if your heart is still in trying for your own child, I think you have to be fully committed to the adoption idea and have you head sorted and clear and not still be all over the place and upset about not conceiving, we would need to have had accepted that we are not going to conceive and be ok with that and be ready to adopt whole heartily . But I would always be open to this option, I don't think we will need to do this to achieve a family, but then again I didn't think we would ever need to do IVF, so you just never know.

That's all from me for now, thank you again for all your continued comments, I know these are all going to really help me when this all gets up and running, especially when all the drugs kick in and I start to fell horrible and crazy and want to start throwing things at one particular gardening man. He also reads the comments and I know they help him too when he's feeling a bit down and out so any kind comments and advice are always appreciated. So a big thank you.


  1. That speak about adopting is very true. It makes me realize that I really am almost ready to give up journey and start adoption. It is sad but realistic. Hopefully you won't get to that. Good luck with the next IVF.

  2. Great that there's only a week left before starting... I've never looked forward to drugs, injections and side-effects as much as the last week before starting IVF !! All my wishes for a great cycle and plenty of success. I agree - I would find it a little disorientating for our FS to arrive in jeans for one of the most important days of IVF... it's serious business ! You sounds very wise about adoption... I think plenty of people jump into it with their hearts still grieving for naturally conceiving. Great to be here with you and sharing every step of the way xoxo

  3. Best of luck as you getting ready for number two. We will be where you are in several weeks. I'm adopted myself so I have some different feelings but I understand what you are saying. I try to look at all of this as the ultimate goal...a baby to love and cherish!

  4. Good luck as you get ready for #2, I really hope this is THE cycle for you!

  5. Sending you much love and hope for this IVF cycle!!!

  6. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way for this cycle!