Tuesday, May 17, 2011

14 needles down, 28 or so to go!

14 Injections we have done so far, and I'm now waiting to get my blood test results back from the clinic. My estrogen should be super low as I have been pretty grumpy and the last few days I have been feeling very light headed, so it will be good to start the night Puregon injections which will start to raise my estrogen levels and grow all those follicles with lots of nice mature eggs in them, fingers crossed. 

So, what has been happening over the last few days, not so much really, just been ticking along trying to stay sane, although if you ask gardener guy he is more likely to say I have been a bit of a ticking time bomb, likely to go off at any moment with the outcome being disastrous!. I guess you could say the last few days I have been a bit crazy, just a wee bit and it is to be expected. Isn't it easier to blame someone else (ie - anyone but me), of course, so I'm going with that. A couple of days ago we had a prime example of my ticking time bomb tenancy, I was cooking dinner (which I must say, he is damn lucky he is getting these days), and he came in and had a taste and said it needed more salt........Well blow me down, that was it!!! I went off, how dare he come in here and say that, what would he know (apparently quite alot, he used to be a chef guy before he was a gardener guy), but that's beside the point, as I said what does he know!, I started yelling, he went outside to have a cigarette, clearly to escape the monster that is his wife so I proceeded to lock him outside. So there he was in the cold night unable to get back in. After him banging on the door I let him in and I went back to cooking, then I started crying, he hugged me, told me to let it out and that it was ok and that was the end of that! Poor man. In the end the dinner turned out yummy and was salted just right, after I added a little more, but shhhh.... don't tell him that.

Since I stopped the pill last Wednesday the 11th I have been bleeding and I still am, it isn't causing any issues and it isn't heavy so no worries there. I have been very tired and falling asleep at the drop of a hat, I sat down on the couch at 9am yesterday and fell asleep, just like that! I had only been up for 2 hours, and would you believe it but since the acupuncture appointment I haven't had another headache, I'm so pleased as that was what was making me feel the worst.

The clinic has just rang through with my results and I am to lower my Buseriline dose to 20iu on the syringe instead of 40iu, and am to start Puregon 150iu from tomorrow night. I had down regulated fine, so all set for the changes tomorrow and welcome Puregon back into my life! perhaps we can become better friends this time round.

So myself and gardener guy are getting there, for me this is the easier part, I lie down he stabs me in the stomach. The hard part is coming up, the emotional part, the daily news of each little step, does the scan show lots of follicles? how many eggs did we get? how many eggs were mature? was it a good sperm count?  how many eggs fertilized? how many eggs are splitting and developing normal? how many embryos do we have? are they strong? do we have any to freeze? and the final nail biting, life changing, biggest question of my life, am I pregnant?.


  1. Oh my! I had to laugh outloud when I read you locked gardner guy out! Glad he can be supportive too. =0) Grow little follies...grow!!

  2. haha We'll start IVF later in the year... Looking forward to losing it with The Lobster and leaving him outside with the chickens.

  3. one step at a time. It is a roller coaster this IVF step but I find it helps to just take it as it comes, instead of just assuming that I am going to turn into a crazy person. Hang in there and good luck to you...

  4. Great story about locking Gardner Guy outside! Love that - and that dinner turned out good afterall (with the addition of some salt).
    Good luck!

  5. The last paragraph of your post sums up the torture we go through, but anyone reading this who has never gone through Ivf can not understand the emotional mess we go through. But I do understand and I wish you lots of luck this cycle!!!

  6. Oh yes, the rollercoaster of IVF. But it's hard to be a ticking time bomb, just as much if not more than living one! Give yourself a break!

    We'll be here with you every step of the way - I hope this cycle is it for you!

  7. I'm so excited to be supporting you through another cycle (though I do wish we didn't have to do another cycle!) I know how you feel though....you are ready to do it, but don't want to do it at the same time, because you are scared of the results. Hang in there!!!! I think you are going to respond much better this time. Poor GG....that is hilarious that you locked him out!

  8. This process is tough and the emotions are CRAZY!!! then throw in hormones....watch out! Just don't beat yourself up about it and let it go.
    As for the worries and the questions full of 'what if's' and 'will we have...' they are normal and horrible!! If there was a way to turn the brain off during the 4 weeks, I'd gladly sign up! Focus on today, not tomorrow...it's hard but helps!