Friday, May 6, 2011

Beware.....dangerous, dizzy woman ahead.

Anyone who has is fortunate or unfortunate enough to know me personally, knows I'm actually pretty dizzy. I say stupid things, I do stupid things and generally act like a bit of a blonde, ( I actually used to be blonde, but conveniently disguised this with good old hair dye, just to fool people), so even at the best of times I'm a bit dizzy in the brain department. But today I have been a bit dizzy in the, well in the everything department.

So here's the story, It all started in the supermarket! (of course, my least favourite place), I dropped a glass jar full of olives, it literally just slipped out of my hand! great. So I had that few seconds moment where I just stood there like a stunned mullet till my dizzy brain kicked into gear and realized it wasn't appropriate to just leave the glass jar there and walk away,we wouldn't want a pregnant woman to cut her foot now would we! or would we? hmmmm..... anyhow so I got one of the staff to clean it up and I managed to save some olives by stuffing them in a plastic bag, so I left stinking of olive juice, charming. As I walked out I went to check the time on my phone (it must be time for bed) and managed to drop that and the battery and the back of it went flying across the floor, great! get it together would you. Off I trot with my smelly bag of olives only to walk straight into a man who seemed to appear from nowhere. His fault of course! So then it starts to rain, and I think shit I've got to get home as soon as possible, I put out that washing that Ive been trying to get dry for what seems like a hundred years, this cannot be happening! So I get home and save the washing and hang it on the line in the laundry, only I try to hang it and misjudge where the line is and it all just falls onto the floor, clearly my judgement is a bit off as after I had finished battling with the washing I decide I need to eat, so I go to shove a piece of bread in my mouth and completely miss my mouth! So I cant even eat now. Comon!

I normally seem to have quite a strong reaction to the meds, so obviously I'm feeling a bit dizzy, apart from that I seem to be a few degrees warmer and tired but I don't think I have got anymore grouchy, although gardener guy would disagree as I snapped at him to be careful when taking a piece of pizza last night and not to rip it apart, "why are you trying to destroy the pizza"! so yes, make of that what you want.

I've decided to sit down after all the disasters, and put the wiggles on for the little boy I look after. Speaking of disasters, the wiggles are a damn disaster, I cant stand them! the kids are mesmerized with them, I am not.I dont want to point my fingers and do the twist thanks. Four grown men singing and dancing around in brightly coloured skivvy's and pants up to their chest is just extremely creepy! But I wont go into that too much, I could easily do a whole post on the disaster that is the wiggles.

So I'm off to go get some dinner ready, Is that going to be safe? well as long as I strap on my cycle helmet and don't use the sharp knives I should be ok. Gardener guy will get dinner on the table tonight, and as long as he doesn't ruin it by touching it too roughly he shouldn't get snapped at!


  1. I gave you an award. :-) Enjoy!


  2. Clewis you crack me up!! hahahahhahahahha

    how did you miss your mouth eating!!! that is too much! I have missed your posts way too much!! I hope you are having a better day. Oh I worked in a shelter a while ago and there were kids that me and this coworker would babysit. My coworker(mind you she was in her late 20's) would like to watch the wiggles because she had a crush on one of them. I never got it. But the kids just loved that show. Way better than Barney!