Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My happy little eggs are out

Hi all. I have just woken from a 2 hour sleep and am still feeling pretty fragile but thought I had better update you all. My eggs are out and safe in the lab, and no I didn't just get 2 eggs as the picture suggests, but lets just say these are my 2 happiest who were up to having a picture taken. so vein.....wonder where they get that from!

So I went into the clinic this morning feeling pretty nervous, mostly about getting the OHSS afterwards, but after some kind words from the nurses I wasn't so concerned about that anymore. When we got there gardener guy was taken away again to go and give his sample, he had his computer with porn on it again ready for a viewing! you must understand he is not some kind of creep, it's just that in the 'wanking rooms', shall we call them, they only have a selection of terrible porn magazines that look like they stepped right out of the 1980's!, big hair and all, not so sexy, so he decided to take his laptop and use visual porn as an aide so to speak. He even put a gardening book in his bag this morning and I said to him "are you going to wank off to plants", just for the record he wasn't! it was to read when I was in recovery, but hey whatever gets him going aye!!! these days it wouldn't surprise me if he was more turned on by a pair of pansies than a pair of boobs. Anyhow off track a bit there...... so after he was done and I was taken into my cubicle and changed into my fetching gown and we went to see the scientist for a run down of the next few days, we had heard this all from last time so it was just a refresher and to check my details for him to be able to call me with results over the next few days. We will be either having a 3 day transfer on Friday or a 5 day transfer on Sunday, we are hoping that the embryos will be strong enough and there will be enough of them to let them go to a 5 day, as with a 5 day blastocyst they are alot stronger and it increases the pregnancy rate, but that's not to say a 3 day transfer wont make me pregnant, I have know many people that now have a beautiful baby from a 3 day transfer.

The next job was to get the IV in my arm, and was that a job. As I have said before I have terrible small veins making me a nightmare to get anything in. The first attempt in my arm was very sore and failed, the nurse just couldn't get it in right so she could flush out the vein,so we got taken through into theatre and they tried in there, the second attempt had to be in my hand and an IV in the hand is even more sore, as the nurse tried again it was bloody sore! there was lots of pushing around in the vein but it just wasn't working so out that one came, no good. On the 3rd attempt she tried in my wrist and by this stage I was fed up, I had been poked and prodded to high heaven and they just couldn't get anything in my arm as it was so bruised, so in the wrist she went and finally she got it in properly and was able to administer the drugs. The nurses kept telling me how great I had done to put up with all that and that I really deserved these pain killers! so she got them in right away. For anyone who hasn't had a local anesthetic, well I recommend you do! steal some do whatever you have to do to get some! the feeling of still being awake yet feeling completely out of it is great. I was given that along with a sedative and I had already had 3 panadol so I was pretty much covered.

So common already your probably thinking!!! how many eggs. Well we got a grand total of 9 eggs. The clinic was really pleased with this, they didn't want me to get too many as too many eggs equals crap quality. The ideal is between 6 and 10, so getting 9 is pretty damn good, enough to work with without them all being rubbish. So tomorrow I will get a call from the scientist to let me know how many of those fertilized and we will be on our way to making a baby, or should I say the lab will be on their way to making our baby.

As for the Ovarian Hyper stimulation Syndrome I am at risk of getting, I was told that they are not to know weather I have gotten this until I come in for my embryo transfer, they will then do a abdomen scan to see if I have a build up of fluid and if I do the doctor will make the call as to weather I can have a transfer or if all embryos will need to be frozen and used at a later date when I'm well enough. Of course there are some signs I can watch out for to indicate I may have the OHSS, mostly shortness of breath, sudden weight gain, bloating and abdomen pain. I can help myself and get ready for transfer by drinking as much fluid everyday as humanly possible, so gardener guy has assured me he will be on my case about that. Till embryo transfer day all we can really do is pray and hope I am well enough to have my little baby transferred inside me. The worse case scenario is I have OHSS and my embryos are not strong enough to freeze and this cycle has gone down the drain as well as our $10,000. But lets hope I will transfer a nice strong embryo and hopefully have some more brothers or sisters to freeze, I just have to think like that, I cant get all negative at this stage of the game, we have got so far and we will continue.

How am I feeling now? well after my sleep I feel less drowsy but still feel like I could sleep some more, I am alot more sore than I was with the last retrieval, but I was told to expect that, I just feel a bit tender in my stomach area so am keeping up with the panadol. I am bleeding a wee bit, but actually not as much as last time. Emotionally I am fucked, seriously I don't think my brain can take much more, I just want this to work so much, I have absolutely had it, its hard having all this stress and worry and what if this what if that piled on top of me, I am so ready to get some great news, I really think I deserve it, having something else go wrong in this cycle is just to much to bear, I just pray overnight we get some really great results and I hope that our embryos have as much fight in them as me and my husband.

For now I'm off to move from my bed to the couch and watch some tv if I can stay awake and I will drink a big glass of water. I will let you know the fertilization report tomorrow, thanks again to all my friends and family for their support, I know it has been a long road and I'm glad you haven't made a u turn on me to find an easier road, and lets remember short cuts always get you lost and the long winding bumpy road always leads to the destination in the end.


  1. Congrats on your egg retrieval and of a great number and my nurses told me the same quality is better then quanity..Im having EPU tomorrow morning so wish me luck..hopeing we both join the TWW game

  2. Congratulations on getting a great total of nine eggs, that's wonderful news! Good luck with your little ones over the next couple of days!

  3. 9 eggs! that is wonderful! yayyyyyy!

  4. What a great number! Fingers crossed that they fertilize and grow strong!!!

  5. 9 eggs! That's great news!

  6. that does sound like great numbers!! I had the same situation with the veins Annoying!! Anyhow..I hope you are feeling okay and no OHSS!! YOu do deserve this!!!