Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Woman in the bath

You know that scene in movie's where the beautiful woman is soaking in a bath full of bubbles and reading her book, I'm sure you have all seen that and thought, "you know what, I might just grab my book and have a bath too, it looks so relaxing", well that's exactly what I did. And let me tell you, reading a book in the bath is not as easy as the beautiful movie star made it out to be.

After another long working day I decided I wanted a soak, I thought it will be a nice way to relax. And don't get me wrong, It really was, it was nice to hear the rain outside while I was in the tub, but it never turns out exactly how I want, and really I should know this by now, I have had enough baths in my time to realise this, but still I run the bath with the notion that this will be the best half hour of my life. So i filled up the bath with bubbles, likely one hundred year old bubbles, I'm not entirely sure where this bubble bath came from and I certainly cant remember purchasing it. Anyhow I slide in and set out to read my book, this lasts for a total of 5 seconds. How the heck are you meant to read in the bath, you cant really relax or you will get the book wet, so I had to hold the book up in the air and really that's not relaxing, I finished 1/2 a page, not quite what I imagined, it really didn't help that I had put far too much bubble bath in and the bubbles were practically strangling me, so there I am relaxing in my own filth and I hear that the bath water is coming out, my one hundred year old bath to match my one hundred year old bubble bath is failing me! Damn. By the time i realise this is happening I cant be bothered to fill it back up, so I just let it all drain out till I'm sitting in a bath full of bubbles, minus the water. oh yes very relaxing.

In other non bath related news, I took my last pill today and from the notes I have been given by the clinic I should expect a bleed, and probably heavier than normal. The injections are going fine, gardener guy is doing them great for me, I'm feeling ok, i feel very tired and last night I felt pretty lousy, just sick and dizzy but today I'm better. There isn't much else happening until my first blood test next Tuesday to test my estrogen levels.

I think it's really nice to try and find a little something relaxing to do during an IVF cycle, weather it be watching some movies, painting your nails, reading a book, but I like to live by the the philosophy that some things are best left to the movie stars, because quite frankly when we try to create the scene all we are left with is remembering why we always shower instead of  bathing and a wet soggy book.


  1. haha.. i know what you mean - it's never as good as you imagine. All the steam rising up and making the book damp, having wet hands trying to turn pages...

  2. Baths always sound so much better than they actually are - I completely understand this!!! Try to find good ways to relax during the IVF process - it definitely helps!

  3. I have never tried the book in the bath thing. I have always wanted to, but I guess now after this I won't be giving it a try after all. lol. Sorry it didn't work out for you (they make it look so glamorous on TV). It's good that you are attempting to keep yourself busy/distracted though, I can imagine how difficult that must be at times. Wishing you the best this cycle and hoping for positive results. Hang in there!

  4. hey by the way, I have this tray thing that is meant to go over the bath tub to hold things like books (and wine glasses)- not perfect but may be worth a shot. I think mine is from bed bath and beyond.
    hoping for you this cycle