Friday, May 13, 2011

Human pin cushion

Last night I felt like a right human pin cushion, no area of my body was off limits. This was a good thing, you know that feeling when you feel so bad and then all of a sudden you feel better, how amazing that is! you just want to scream from the rafters how better you feel, well I got that last night at acupuncture.

Yesterday I was not well, I had the most hideous headache, it was in my eyes, in my head, it felt like a vice was cranking down on my head. On top of that I felt so tired and generally just awful, It was not nice. I had to gather up all my strength to shower and head off to acupuncture. Once I got there I explained that I had a headache and he told me he will fix it. He did all the usual points and added some more for the headache, he put 2 in my forehead, and 1 on each side of my eyes, and 1 in each hand. Every so often he would twist them slightly and just like magic my headache started to decrease! I was so amazed. It was really strange, when he took the needles out of my hands he told me they may ache for a few hours but that's a good thing, this is all linked to the headache. 

By the time I got home my headache was gone! I am so impressed. Its hard because I have been going to see him for about 2 months now and I never know if anything is actually happening, we cant physically feel infertility like a headache so knowing what is happening, well you just don't know, so him fixing my headache confirmed to me that what he is doing is worthwhile, if he can solve my headaches imagine what magic he is doing downstairs!!

This morning I woke up feeling great! Not a headache in sight and I just feel good! Ill be a human pin cushion any day if this is the result.

If you are doing acupuncture, what results are you getting, do you enjoy it? what points does your acupuncturist focus on? does your acupuncturist use moxa? any feedback appreciated. Now this pin cushion is off to enjoy my day, long may it last!


  1. That is so cool that he got rid of the headache! I've had similar experiences before, but I haven't been in a year. Keep going - it's worth it!

  2. I have never done it..but that sounds like magic to me! I may just try it.

  3. I enjoyed going to acupuncture fortnightly. I was just lovely to lay down for an hour and just do nothing. I used to think about getting the nursery together and holding my baby, thinking this would help get my lady parts ready. My acupuncturist focused mostly on my legs, ankles and feet, lower belly and hands. I use to go fortnightly leading up to a cycle and before and after a transfer. Good luck with your cycle, I've got my fingers and toes crossed!

  4. Know how you feel about being a pin cushion but not being able to see any results. Great that your headache went away so easily. I can only say that I think acupuncture has helped to get my cycle back to normal very quickly after an extended IVF stim cycle, my next cycle was veeeery long... and this one is back to normal again... acupuncture must have helped :) All the best for your cycle... love always xoxo