Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day, enough said.

From reading blogs over the weekend I have realised that quite alot of woman had been struggling with mothers day. I must say that I was getting rather frustrated with all the adverts of tv to buy mum an expensive watch, and any other gift you could possibly think of. Now I'm all for appreciating your mother, and If you are a mother I do realise it can be hard and it's nice to have a day to recognise that but for infertile woman this day is shit.

I'm going to be very frank here, If you only ever get appreciated on one day a year by your family, well then poor you! It's all a bit of a gimmick really to get people to spend money. Why is there only a mothers day and a fathers day? there are plenty of other people that fall into different categories who care for children or anyone for that matter, but they don't get a day just for them. As far as I am concerned Mothers day, Fathers day, Halloween and Guy Fawkes are all a crock of shit. 

So to celebrate mothers day, or not, I of course rang my mum (who also thinks mothers day is silly) and face booked my mother in law in England, then me and gardener guy went out for lunch, we had booked a table but when we got there they had given it to someone else, so we ended up getting seated at a table for 6 instead of a 2 person table, that's fine not to worry, I got given a free bottle of bubbly for the mix up, not that I could drink it, but we took it home. There were lots of families there, obviously taking their mums out for lunch, there were quite a few kids but we just ate our lunch and ignored them and the lunch was really yummy. While we were having our drinks (me, a raspberry milkshake, what am I a 12yr old!, gardener guy a flat white), a couple came in with 2 young children, and they had to end up sitting in the 2 person table that had become free next to us, I hear that they asked if they could move to the 6 person table we were sitting at so they had more room, well this really pissed me off, gardener guy said to me "shall we move", I abruptly said "no, why the hell should we, we are enjoying our drinks, fuck them, why the hell should I have to get up and accommodate them just because they have kids", gardener guy then agreed. Seriously what gives them the right to even ask that, why should they think they can interrupt us just because they have kids. For god sake!!! not my problem, and before you say it, yes I do know what it's like to have 2 children in a cafe and need lots of room, so don't say I don't know what it's like, because I do, I have taken so many children out for lunch before and do know it can be a tight squeeze but still I wouldn't ask other people to move!. But you know that is my life, this kind of shit always happens to me. Anyhow whatever, we had a nice relaxing lunch while they battled with 2 little kids that didn't really want to be there, so we got the last laugh! I wonder if they were sitting there thinking, ' look at that couple without kids, look how nice and relaxing their lunch is, I wish we had that', its funny how we think the grass is always greener on the other side. But for us the grass really is greener on the other side, we are on the side of the fence with brown dead grass and no kids, they are on the side of the fence with the lush green grass with kids running round. The grass wouldn't be greener on the other side for them, but it would for us.

If you are a mother, appreciate being one, I know on days when there are far too many dirty nappies, tantrums, tears and screaming you feel like opening the door and running out and never coming back, but remember all the love and smiles and giggles these little people give you, and spare a thought for people that unfortunately don't have this yet, remember a messy house is a sign of a happy lived in house, the more muddy gumboots at the door the better, you will have plenty of time to sleep when you die and honestly silence is not always golden. 


  1. I am glad you kept your table. I realize that making accomodations for families with children does make sense sometimes, but really, you deserve to enjoy yourselves too. I hope you rubbed your spacious table in their faces :)

  2. you will have time when you die!!!
    ahhh! you always say what I have once or twice thought!! you got hootspa! ( mean guts..)

  3. Will you celebrate mothers day when you are a mother??

  4. red power ranger, I know you are a mother and you seem to get all bent out of shape when I do posts about mums/parents. If you dont like it, dont read it or comment please. This is my space to vent.

  5. You're right, it is completely arsey to ask someone who is using a table to move! It'd be different if you'd been seated at the same time.