Wednesday, May 25, 2011

IVF Number 2 - Scan results - follicle count

This morning started very disastrous I must say! don't panic just yet, the scan went really well, I do have follicles it was the blood test that went wrong.

This morning we headed into town to get my bloods done and my scan to check how many follicles I have growing. I went into the pathology expecting to be in and out like any other blood test, but oh no! for starters they had trouble finding a decent size vein, I always have this problem so this wasn't a surprise, what was a surprise was what came next. When the needle went in I felt all dizzy and light headed and that was it, I passed out. What a shitty start to the day. This has never happened before, anyhow the first go at drawing blood just wasn't working, it just wasn't flowing out properly, once I came around the nurse laid me down on the floor, I was feeling awful!!! so that was just great, 8am in the morning and there I am lying on the floor like a plonker. I just didn't feel good at all and was hoping like hell that the little amount of blood they managed to get was enough, so off they went to check with the lab and sure enough it wasn't enough, so we attempted again, I was feeling far to faint to sit and have it done so I had to go into another room and lie on the bed, the second attempt went better and after a little lie down I was ok to go. I must say the nurses were all so lovely and very concerned about how I was feeling. All this time gardener guy was left out in the car wondering what was happening, what normally takes about 2 minutes took me 30 minutes today. So after that drama we headed to the clinic for my scan.

The scan went really well, the doctor said all my hormone levels were great and he even said "we will get you a baby out of this round", I know he has no way of knowing that for sure but I will cling onto any bit of hope and positive words I can get at the moment, sure beats hearing that it wont work. My lining was apparently perfect at 11, and we had a grand total of 10 follicles! we feel pretty pleased with that, they are all of similar size and all a bit more grouped together than last time which is better than them being spread out, so we are on track for this stage of the game. For those of you who are not sure what all this means, well the eggs are inside the follicles, and its normal for a couple of follicles to have nothing in them, last cycle we had 9 follicles but only 7 eggs, so we really have to wait and see, all 10 follicles may have eggs in them, or there may be a couple empty, we just have to see.

I have another blood test tomorrow morning, and after today's episode I'm scared that might happen again, hopefully it will go smoothly. We are to reduce my Puregon dose tonight to 75iu instead of the normal 150iu, obviously they don't want the follicles to grow to much more or to fast. So that's all I know for now, again tomorrow afternoon I will have more results so will keep you informed.

Just for good measure and because I haven't brought up anything creepy for awhile I thought I'd tell you what happened last night,(no I'm not about to tell you about some sexual romp gone wrong) but brace yourself and put down you dinner if your eating. I went to the loo last night and a whole lot of cervical mucus came gushing out, and I mean alot, I had to wipe and wipe and wipe just to get rid of it all, of course I panicked and thought what the hell is happening, and I know this sounds stupid but my first thought was 'oh shit, did all my eggs just fall out', I know it's not possible to ovulate on my own while taking the Buseriline which is stopping that happening, but I still panicked, so I googled it and it's normal, but you just never know do you, I didn't have that last time and when I am so desperate for this to all go well, it makes me worry that something had gone wrong. But no, all good, my eggs didn't jump out by themselves!

That's all the news for today, I've had enough fainting, blood and vaginal probes for today, I'm off to have a cup of herbal tea and a chocolate brownie, that's certainly a much more pleasant way to round off the day.  


  1. So glad to hear that the scan went well! I really hope this is it for you!!!

  2. Yay on the follicles....poop on the bad blood test!!! I think you get a lot of CM from all of the follicles you have in's a good sign!!!

  3. oh yes..a brownie sounds delish! Okay first yay for growing follies!!! That is great news. Now for the Faintin..I have fainted many times..and I for one know what an awful feeling it is. So sorry you had to go through it. It is such an put of control feeling and just is not fun! scary really. SO...drink lots of water the day before and an hour before you go in and eat food! Then if you are feeling nervous..again..tell the phlebotomist from now on that you have fainted..they will have you lie down because your feet up. Then..take the cotton ball or band aid and do it your self once they have taken the needle away. Part of the fainting is an out of control for me when I get the control back..I do not faint as much since I did that trick. it is pretty awful the this part. I do not envy you right now but you will get through this!!!

  4. OMG!!!! Just think of it as an added piece to your babies story :) So glad the lining and follies are looking great!!!

  5. LOL You can't help but think of half crazy things like all of your eggs just dropped out can you. I hope all these good signs pay off for you!
    I'm keeping my eye on you as I plan to start IVF in July/August. I'm prepared for masses of CM now- if it doesn't happen I'll worry and Dr Google that too.

  6. THIS IS GREAT NEWS! ♥ i am jumping up and down with excitement.
    must be such a relief that the throwing up is normal and not threatening to your eggs :O
    take care! ♥

  7. Fainting sounds awful - I hope that never happens again!!! But wonderful news about the follicles - way to go! And that's funny about the cervical fluid - that happened to me too during IVF - thanks to all that estrogen coursing through your body!