Friday, May 20, 2011

You cant put a price tag on a baby.

Most items you can put a price tag on, you know your limit. You know you wont pay more than $15,000 for a car, you wont spend more than $200 on a coat, but you cannot put a price tag on a baby. Me and my husband said after the 3 IUI's that we would not be able to afford to do any more treatments, yeah right! after the first IVF we said we couldn't afford another cycle, then at the start of this cycle we said this was it, but really you cant put a price tag on a baby and we will probably find the money to do another round if needed, $26,000 later and still no baby, desperation does crazy things to you, desperation has no limits.

I bring this issue up as this Sunday on TV1, on the 'Sunday' show at 7.30pm (New Zealand this is), they are doing a story on Infertile couples and the price they pay for a baby, the desperation that couples have to conceive. It looks really interesting and will basically for us be like watching ourselves. I think there are not enough programs or information available to people on infertility, it is a disease and people never hear about it, unless they know someone personally going through it, all we see is celebrities popping out babies every other day, how is this possible when half of them have waited till they are 40ish, seriously, I don't think so!. It should be a very interesting watch. As I was saying to a friend of mine yesterday, I sometimes find it hard to believe that I'm going through all this, especially when I watch programs about other people going through it, I watch and think, "oh poor them, how heartbreaking" and then realise that's happening to me. I think watching this program will be a bit hard for us, when you can relate to something on such a personal level it just breaks your heart. So me and gardener guy will watch and I'm sure there will be some tears.

Other updates, well I am still bleeding from stopping the pill on the 11th May, it just keeps lingering around, I think this is fine but it's just another damn thing, ill let the clinic know. I have been very tired, like ridiculously tired, I had a big 2hr nap yesterday afternoon and still woke tired, and still was tired and ready for bed by 8.30pm. Acupuncture again last night, he did some more points on my face just to keep the headaches at bay, he also took my pulse and it was a bit weak so he did some extra points on my feet to strengthen that. The night Puregon (stimulation injection) are going fine, a bit stingy but that's fine. That's all really, cant wait to have my scan, just going to take it as it comes and if there are less follicles than I expected then I will just roll with that, I cant get upset there just isn't any point.

So for anyone who is in New Zealand and fancy's a good tear jearker, or just a bit of extra information on the subject tune into 'Sunday', 7.30pm TV1. We sure will be, and just like the couples that will be on the show, me and gardener guy really cant put a price tag on a baby, we don't know when enough is enough, to us money means nothing, we are not career focused, we work to get enough money to get by, we don't want to spend our whole lives working to make tonnes of money and never have the time to enjoy it and be with our family, we work to pay for making our baby and to be honest $26,000 is really a small price to pay for that, we will continue and wont give up.

$26,000 for a baby, not a problem, what an investment, and the return will be far better than any stocks, shares or bonds, our return will last a lifetime.


  1. In my "about us" tab on my blog, I give a list of all of the money we've spent "so far" on all of this, then I say at the end..."bringing home a baby = priceless." That's exactly how I feel as I'm sure we all do!
    Wish I could watch that show, it sounds VERY interesting! There is finally some shows here in the states that talk a bit about infertility, but it is still very very taboo.
    Glad you are hanging in there friend! Can't wait to hear about all of the follies you have!!!

  2. Let us know how the show is - sounds interesting. I've done the same thing, thinking about infertiles - oh that would suck, and then realize, that is me...

    My hubs and I are the same way - no matter how we get there, we'll get there.

    Can't wait to hear how those follies are doing!

  3. You're so right... there isn't a price tag on a baby and the return on that investment is priceless. Thinking of you through this cycle and really hope this is the one for you :) Tiredness is soooo bad during IVF... sleep as much as you need. Love always xoxo

  4. So true! The price tag really has no limits - and the end result truly is priceless! Great post!

  5. C and I were talking about this yesterday. It is amazing the money we find to continue on our 'baby-making journey'. When we were at the clinic on Monday, we were talking about the check we have to write to freeze the extra blasts (if there are any) and when we were told it was $700...we just shrugged and said, 'oh thats nothing'. Nothing!!! 3 years ago we would have pee'd ourselves at the thought, but compared to everything we have spent....penny's :) There is not a price to put on our baby, our family!

  6. Thanks for all your comments ladies.

  7. Sounds like an interesting show. You have a way of putting everything in perspective Clewis. You also sound like you are in good spirits and more calm.
    Let us know how everything is going.

  8. It's amazing what we'll spend, isn't it? I can't believe the money we've spent trying to have a baby. And I know we may come up empty handed at the end of all this. But I tell myself (and I really think it's true) that even if we spend all this money and aren't able to have a baby, it'll still be money well spent because we can look back and at least know we tried everything possible, vs looking back and saying, yeah, but what if we'd tried IVF...maybe we would have gotten our baby.
    Can't wait to hear about your follies!