Sunday, May 22, 2011

A little bit of fun

Doing something fun during an IVF cycle is crucial, just a little pick me up is always good. A friend of mine came and took a few photos of me today, and it was just really nice to do something different, also as many of you lady's know, IVF doesn't exactly make us feel like the most beautiful people to ever walk the planet, what with all the weight gain, the bloating, the mood swings, the pessaries dripping out of our vagina, well all that doesn't exactly make for a sexy feeling woman now does it. This was just a nice thing to do, and although I look a bit odd in some pics, it was just what I needed.

I'm just doing a quick post as I am fading fast, after being busy all day and not having a rest I feel absolutely terrible now. My head is sore, my eyes are sore, I'm very weak and I need to lie down so ill keep the update quick. The bleeding has stopped! yah. But I welcome back hot flushes, and I don't welcome them back with open arms, its not nice, at night in bed I sweat like a pig on heat, I am experiencing a bit of pain in the right ovary, hurrah! that must mean there are some eggs growing in there, no pain from the left ovary, but I guess you always get one ovary with more eggs than the other.That is all really, next blood test is Tuesday, so will have more information for you then.

On a totally silly note, yesterday morning at 7am when we did the buserilin shot, gardener guy joked that he was getting so fast and so good at doing the injections for me that he should start up his own business. Then i proceeded to say 'of course, what a great idea', you could go into people's houses that needed injections done and shoot them up. I said that if they needed an early morning injection they didn't even need to wake up, they could just leave their key out and he could let himself in, get the injection sorted, shoot them up and let himself out! perfect. What a business idea that is, slightly creepy waking up to a man hovering over you with a needle in his hand, or slightly kinky depending on who you are and what you are into, either way, gardener guy is here to help.  You must understand this conversation took place at 7am and we were both only just awake, so perhaps it wasn't the best thought out plan ever hatched, but for two people half asleep and one of them drugged up to the hilt it seemed pretty damn funny!

Funny conversations with your husband and fun days with friends are always good during a super stressful time, whatever can help yourself, do. Take care and keep smiling, I'm off to have a nap before my head explodes. 


  1. Lovely pic! It's always good to do something different and make you feel a bit special for a little while!

  2. Gorgeous photo :) What a lovely idea and you look so happy :)) Sorry that you're not feeling well and all the symptoms... but hopefully a good sign for your cycle. FXd for your blood test on Tuesday xoxo

  3. You are such a pretty girl! Tell GG that I'd love for him to swing by and do my PIO shots each morning! Matt is going to be out of town for an entire week during PIO shots and I'll have to give them to myself! Fun stuff...I tell stuff!

  4. the pic is beautiful! photo shoots are so fun and we definitely need to feel pretty while going through all this crap.

    the conversation with DH was hilarious! i can just imagine someone waking up to some big guy hovering over them with a needle saying "hold still. this won't hurt a bit." ooohhhh, creepy!!! :)

  5. You look fabulous!!! And I would definitely hire gardener guy!!!

  6. you do look great!! Oh...those dreading blood tests! For me that was the worst part for me..the dreaded day after day blood test..but it is so all worth it!!!oh..I am glad your head didn't explode! hahah
    hmm..your husband is looking for a little extra money..I would pay for the shot..MY husband will not do it..I have injected my self with every needle.