Thursday, May 26, 2011

The queen of frozen meals

Over the last few weeks I have become the queen of freezing meals. Anything that looks edible I will freeze, got an old sausage lying round, no problem, give it to me and I will make it into a frozen meal fit to feed the actual queen. Chuck in a few peas, chuck in some corn, a few herbs and any other un-nameable spices and its good to go.

I have started on this freezing frenzy because I seem to get too tired to cook at night and I knew with the up coming egg collection and embryo transfer it would just be easy to grab a meal out of the freezer instead of eating crappy takeaways. This has worked really well and I now have become slightly obsessed with making meals and freezing them, and I tell ya what they taste damn good, gardener guy doesn't seem to complain when I whip out a chilli con carne, a nice hearty casserole, some vegetable soup or some curried sausages. I have also become obsessed with making 2 meals out of 1 pack of meat, whenever there is a meal to be frozen I will split it into 2 meals, after all this spending of $40 a pop for a blood test we need to start saving money else where, and I have already had 3 blood test this week and then the acupuncture costs all makes for an empty bank balance at the end of the week, so frozen 2 for 1 meals it is.

Apart from using the freezer to its full ability, I had a blood test this morning, and after yesterdays fainting they decided just to get me on the bed just in case and it all went perfectly fine. My results came back this afternoon and I am having another scan at 8.30am and another blood test tomorrow, the reduction in the Puregon last night has worked and kept things a bit more steady and stopped everything moving to fast, so again all is looking on track. I'm glad this is coming to an end, I am sore, I need these eggs out thanks. My stomach is becoming really hard and gardener guy is finding it hard to stick the needles in, its starting to hurt more and more, it's like my stomach has become as tough as an old boot.

I have been trying not to think too much about what will be coming up in the next few days, not thinking about the results I will get with all the eggs, I just cant, its too hard, I know the next week will be the hardest as all the results come in on how everything in the lab is going and It just freaks me out, It's getting close again, I will know weather I am pregnant or not in just over 2 weeks and that scares the living shit out of me. So I just try to not over think things too much at the moment but I am still keeping the positive thoughts close to me, those are the ones I wont let drift away.
So move over Martha Stewart, I am the new money saving, do it all, housewife/chef in town, I'm 30 years younger, more fierce and I bet I could freeze your beef casserole under the table, now all I need to do is get a chat show, a magazine deal and bring out my own line of homeware. That should be easy enough as after all I have endured over the past 6 months achieving those 3 things is as easy as rustling up a beef vindaloo and chucking it in the freezer.


  1. Have me on your show....I have the best recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies!

    Hang in there. I'm on the 2ww now.


  2. I am inspired by your meal freezing - I think right about now is when I should start my cooking frenzy and freezing meals. Thinking of you and hoping everything goes smoothly and time passes quickly with great results in the end!

  3. I'm so very impressed with your freezing frenzy! These are great skills to have, especially for your future child!!! Hang in there on the shots and the rest - you're getting close...

  4. I freeze a lot too! In fact I think I have saved so much money doing so!