Friday, March 4, 2011

All the letters of life

I imagine some of the great letter's wrote around the world over time would be love letter's, perhaps sent to a husband at war who you haven't seen for years, reassuring him of your love and devotion. A letter from a mother to her daughter whom she has never met, telling her how hard it was to give her up all those years ago, but her heart's still aches to know her. A letter from one old friend to another saying their last goodbye's as they leave this world and conveying their long love of such a great friendship. Letters from a fertility clinic, are not on the list of the greatest letter's even wrote. No they are not, but when clearing out my bedside table the other day, unfortunately these are the letter's I am left looking at.

Letters of hope. Letters of apology, "we are sorry your last treatment with us was not a success". Above, the picture shows some of the letters and paperwork of crap I have clogging up my bedside drawers. No sweet letters there. Bills, receipts, treatment information, treatment plans, letter's of treatment outcomes, letters of surgery dates. No letters of love, no letters saying "we love you, now here is a baby for you, enjoy". 

People just don't write letter's anymore, (except for fertility clinic's of course) but blogging I think is a form of letter writing. Getting all your emotions out, keeping people updated on your treatments. I guess it's like a lazy person's letter, one letter for everyone to read. So i better update you in this one. Healthy eating still going well, I do feel like eating some fatty food and chocolate, so if I really want it I'm just going to have it, I'm still never going near chicken again, unless organic, it's just nasty, so that's all fine. Next doctors appointment is on the 1st April and our doctor will then write up our next IVF treatment plan. Acupuncture again last night, we were given some more pills to take, these new ones are mineral's apparently. Gardener guy is to now take 3 of these a day as am I, which takes my pill total to 7 a day! goodness me. Our acupuncturist kept saying last night that all these tablets and the acupuncture was nourishing my body. I don't know how many times he said nourish, but it was alot. So there you go, I'm being nourished as we speak. 
Ill leave you with a passage from one of the greatest letters of all time, "You are my princess and I am your prince forever, no matter what. You truly mean the world to me". That was written to me, by my husband a few years ago (I did have one non fertility letter tucked away in the draw). It may not be quiet as deep as Napoleon's love letter to Josephine where he says "my one and only Josephine, apart from you there is no joy, away from you the world is a desert where I am alone and cannot open my heart" But I think Gardner Guy's is not too bad. 

Your man should always treat you as a princess especially in this hard time, where you receive many letter's of hope then dismay, but never one with quite the right words. But sometimes the greatest letters in life are not the one's of love and happiness but the ones of tragedy and heartache, because where there is tragedy and heartache there is always some happiness just around the corner and a happier letter just a post stamp away.


  1. You are right, it's a letter, but for everyone to read. A perfct summary. My husband has recently had a hard time with me being so open... I figured its a free blog vs. thousands of dollars for a therapist... in the end, he accepted the blog!

  2. Aw what a lovely line from your husband!
    I have a folder with all of those FA letters and paperwork crammed inside too-it's a bloody mess!
    You're right, blogging is a form of letter writing and a great release-hope you're doing okay chickie and well done on the healthy eating and acu! xx

  3. Love it. Just stopping by to let you know I've been reading your blog. Keeping you in prayers that the 2nd IVF is a success!

  4. Love that letter, so sweet.
    I hate all the IF paperwork. I have entire file box and right now there is crap from my RE office all over my kitchen counter. I need to hire an assistant just to keep up on all of this. I promise that IF is a part time job!!!

  5. What a lovely letter from your husband - this is so sweet! And we all have the IF paper stack - it sucks, doesn't it?

  6. Love the letter your husband sent you - those are words worth keeping. I'm slowly accumulating my IF letters but will have a ceremonial burning of them one day !... not worth keeping :( xo

  7. So sweet!! I love your relationship with your husband. I also have kept every letter my husband has written me. They are so special. I agree...we do not write each other letters anymore.