Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have a child, it's just not human

People consider their animals to be like their children. Well I guess when you don't have children you will cling to whatever you have. Even if it is a ferocious little minx.

The closest I get to having my own child Is my furious old cat, who behaves very much like a human, a crazy erratic, mad, grumpy human disguised in a cat suit. Me and my friend's often joke that one day she will un zip her cat suit and jump out. She has very human traits, well actually she swings between being a human and a dog. She has started barking like a dog and glaring up at the dinner table waiting for us to throw her food. She has brought a grown man tumbling down to the floor with just one swipe. She has flatted with half of the city and grown quite a reputation for being the cat about town. But yes there you go she's my child. Sad but true.

I fear when we do bring a new baby into the house that our cat will lose the plot. I don't really know if I can trust her, as it is she doesn't like the little boys I look after. She snares at them and has given out a few swipes here and there. And she is fast, so damn fast, faster than anyone I have ever met, human or cat. A really fast swiper, she can swipe you faster than you could ever imagine, bang..... A gash across the leg. She may be fast with her hands ( I mean paws), but fast on her feet she is not. She runs like a 90yr old pensioner, which probably isn't that far off her real age (she is almost 10 in human years). She has a very large sack like belly that almost hangs right to the ground, and when she try's to run it sways from side to side. Very funny!. She likes to sunbathe (as seen above), she is fussy and gets the most expensive little tins of food, the best biscuits and her own cosy bed. She is spoilt. But hey, I don't have anyone else to spoil.

Just thought I would give you an insight into another part of my life, apart from infertility. So that's my post about my little Tilly.When I feel the need I think I can share small snippets of my life away form infertility, just to give you a look at me, and that I'm not just another blogger who is having trouble conceiving, but someone who try's to have a life and did have other things going on before all this horrific infertility, so occasionally that will be shared.

She may not be the baby we always dreamed of, But for now she is all we have got and me and my gardener guy have her and that is our family at the moment. Me, Gardener guy and naughty little Tilly.


  1. My dogs are my 'kids' too! I think I would go absolutely crazy if it weren't for them. Or, maybe it is that they will drive me crazy....either way, they are my kids and I love them. I also am worried about how they will react when I finally get to bring home a baby - one of them is so scared of kids she literally shakes at the sight of them...not sure what to do about that!

  2. Tilly sounds fun! I hope you have to worry about your cat with kids very soon! :)

  3. I have a dog that is SOOOOOO spoiled!!! He has his two beds in the house. Plus, a shed that we had built in the backyard...complete with a dog door, heater and another bed. He also has a cot in the back yard that he can sunbathe on or we put it in the shade for him in the summertime to keep cool. He gets 2-3 walks a day, a dog walker that takes him to the dog park twice a week, and we take him to daycare once a week. How do you like that?! I keep trying to tell him that he is not going to be the center of our universe once a baby comes, but he just won't listen! HA! Your kitty sounds hilarous! I often refer to our dog has a crabby old man when he is in "a mood."