Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There can be sun in the clouds

When I am feeling low, it seems like I will never be able to see the sun for the clouds. The giant black cloud hanging over my head, but sometimes for no particular reason the sun shines through.

Guess what? I'm not going to complain in this post! who would have guessed. This morning was a really nice day, for starter's I only had one little boy to look after instead of two. It was really nice to get some alone time with him, which also meant we could go out on the bus, so off we went and had a nice day out at the park and then went to lots of second hand shops where I scored big time on some clothes. We strolled along the beach, and in general was just really nice. I even kind of felt like a mum, with just the one child, and he is very cute!. But, of course there is a but, I get home and this damn house alarm next door just wont shut up, it was also going off yesterday, It is getting on my nerves, I really feel like going over there with a sledge hammer and smashing the house in. What kind of muppet goes off to work and set's their house alarm, and leaves their dog inside to set the alarm off, yes you heard right.It is seriously driving me nuts, not to mention the poor dog in the house. Idiots.

But I wont let that spoil my upbeat mood, I have called noise control, so there!, I am such a housewife, ringing up the council to complain, next thing you know ill be running over next door in my apron and hairnet and banging down their door with my rolling pin. They are right dicks next door anyhow. Need I bring up the run in we had with them over the hanging tree... no I wont go there. 

Who knows how long this mood will last, but Ill take it while I have it. I am feeling really positive about IVF 2, this has to be it for us, its starting on approximately the 17th April, and I cant wait. Well obviously I am not looking forward to all the crap that comes with it, but I am looking forward to the positive we will get at the end. And our doctor's appointment is on Friday, so I am armed with a few questions for him, and will be good to get our treatment plan wrote up and all set to go, so ill let you know all the news from that. Do you think it will make any difference if I cry? just for the hell of it? haven't given that one a whirl yet, but really what good will that do, it's not like he will secretly pay for my treatment for me or slip me someone elses superhuman embryos now will he, or will he? perhaps a little wink and a sexy smile, toss of the hair, rub his leg under the table? would that help? hmmmmm........ again perhaps not, in fact that might just get me a nice law suit and a very embarrassed husband. 

So blog followers, as you can see there can be sun in between all those dark depressing clouds, some days the good old sun pushes those nasty clouds aside and says  'go away, just give us a break for today', I'm feeling a bit sunnier today, but I tell you what, if that damn alarm doesn't stop, the neighbours next door wont be feeling so sunny when they come home to a broken window and no clue as too what happened except a rolling pin lying on the lounge floor, not even a cluedo expert could work that one out right?  


  1. I love your positive rays. Rainbows follow rain, and that has to be a good sign. Best wishes on Friday!

  2. I like hearing about the sun in your life - this is fabulous! I would be going nuts about the alarm too...

  3. yay for sunny days!! I can relate to the annoying neighbors..I have neighbor with a barking dog..drives me bonkers!

  4. Great to see the sun through the clouds :)... and extra special to head into your next IVF cycle feeling positive :)) Best of luck for your appt. Bloody neighbours though :( xoxo

  5. Glad to see that you are feeling better. Just keep focusing on that next cycle and stay positive that it WILL bring you a BFP!! I'm rooting for all the way!!

    P.S I hate neighbors. I called the cops on mine numerous times because their teenage prick of a son wouldn't stop drumming. They eventually picked up and moved..thank the lord!!!