Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dream's are free, Children are not.

Children are not free, Children are expensive. I ran into someone today who pointed this out for me.  Children cost so much money, my kids need this and want that, Nappie's and Formula every week, blah blah blah. All this was pointed out to me today from a parent of 2 young ones. Well guess what, your lucky you have children to spend money on, your lucky you haven't spend $6,000 on trying to get a child to then spend money on, and still not have one. So what do I think about you telling me how much children cost, I think your one damn lucky person to have 2 special expensive people who bleed you dry of all your saving's and keep you up all night and generally rule your every though, but at the end of the day tell you they love you. oh poor you!

So children aren't free, but dreams are. And I have these all the time. My latest one is receiving amazing news of a positive result on the 24th Dec, and being able to go to my parent's for Christmas, walking through the door and telling them that we have the best Xmas gift ever for them, that they are going to be grandparents. I dream of not being able to drink over the Christmas season and feeling great about that, when people ask me why im not having a glass of wine, to finally be able to say those words to them. I dream of ringing Gardener Guy's Parents who live in England and telling them they will be grandparents. I dream of ringing my 3 closest friend's and screaming down the phone that im pregnant, and them being so happy and excited for me. But most of all I dream of the day when I can look at my husband and say the words "your going to be a dad". 

Dreams are free right, I hope my dream's become a reality, then I can moan about how much children cost.


  1. Ugh, I hate that comment!!!! I once complained about the expense of treatment to a fertile friend who then told me just how expensive kids are. Well, thanks. do I get a refund b/c I already shelled out $50,000 before that kids arrives? Does my RE toss in a free bugaboo stroller with my 5th ivf cycle? Seriously people!
    Fingers and toes are crossed for you!!!!

  2. Yes thank you annoying fertile person but we are not so clueless as to think that children come magically equipped with everything they need,oh but now that you've informed me that I may need to spend even more money after my fertility treatment-I think I might reconsider having babies all together.Honestly!I'm sick of people treating poeple who don't have children like we are imbeciles!I wish they would let us draw our OWN conclusions about parenthood once we actually have our own kids.
    One week to go for you-fingers crossed!

  3. I can relate....some people have no idea how lucky they have it. I am not bitter yet....but I probably will be one I have to dish out money- this IVF is oH..just 30,000. Everyone says ..don't think about the money think about what you will be making. Um..30,000 is a lot of money! Dreams are free..yes..part of the dream is to have others celebrate with you. I hope your dream comes true too..9 more days....!!!

  4. Dreams do come true I read somewhere. I hope Santa is reading this, cause I want to give you some of my baby dust for Xmas... Xoxo