Thursday, December 23, 2010

Was it the Subway?

Today I am not working. It all started last night. I started to get a really bad headache that got worse and worse. Then i started to feel sick. Anyhow ended up going to bed and couldn't even watch tv in bed as felt too sick (this is so unlike me). Had a really bad sleep, got up about 6 times, had weird dreams, was  roasting hot, then I woke at 5am and decided I wasn't going to work today.I feel a little better now though.

So I have a list of reason's as to why I feel this way......

1. I ate a chicken subway yesterday, could have been dodgy (top culprit)
2. I have a stomach bug
3. I have nothing wrong with me and my mental state has become worse than I though
4. I am pregnant.

So as you can see there are 3 rubbish options and one amazing one. Which one is it, we will know tomorrow, well we may never know if the chicken subway was dodgy, but we will know if im pregnant.

I have been so nervous today, I dont really know if im leaning towards one way, as I have no clue. I am working tomorrow so ill try keep busy till I get the result's phone call in the afternoon, then ill put a new post up. i apologize in advance if tomorrow's post is glum. I do not apologize if tomorrow's post is over the top! fingers crossed.


  1. I have my fingers crossed for you too...I hope it's the BFP that caused you to feel so sick.. Here's to hoping you next post is a good one, what a fabulous Xmas present that would be....

  2. Good luck, hoping for reason #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My toenail could be falling off but if it happens during the 2ww my first thought will be "maybe it's a sign I am pregnant" GL tomorrow!

  4. I just joined your blog and I hope tomorrow's post is over the top! Have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you.

  5. Aah I hope it's Massive news! Best wishes and can't wait to jump on tomorrow!

  6. I have everything crossed for wonderful news!!!!

  7. YOu know..I have never gone through the 2ww with anyone before...except myself. I am almost nervous anxious with you. I check your blog hoping holding my breath. The other day as I was at the doctor's waiting for a saline sonogram, I checked my iphone and I saw a red dot..but could not read your blog because I got called in. I was all sad..thinking the negative but when I read soon as my sonogram was over..I was so relieved. My fingers are crossed and for you!!!! Are you keeping busy? what about watching a favorite movie? What is your favorite movie?