Monday, December 20, 2010

Tick Tock Tick Tock

The clock is going slow, im now desperate to know my result. Today is Monday morning, and the Clinic will ring my Friday afternoon. I had a phone call from them this morning, just to check in. They are all very sweet and there is one nurse in particular that looks after me and I really like her and feel comfortable chatting to her so I am pleased for that. 

Im so scared, I need this to be a positive, It will be Christmas Eve, how am I meant to put on a happy face and get into Christmas. It cant be negative. Although it probably will be, that's all Im used to, so that's all I know. The thought of having to go pay for IVF with the chance that may also not work is awful. Of course we will do that, and its not the toll it will take on my body im worried about, it's the end result.I can cope with feeling horrible physically, it's the mental aspect of this all that I really struggle with.

So there is no other option, Positive it has to be.I cant be upset again. I cant upset my Gardener Guy again. This week is going to possibly be the worse week so far of this whole IUI journey. Iv'e got everything riding on this. Why cant I just be lucky for once! 

Till friday I will just have to keep watching that clock as it turns slowly slowly slowly........ 


  1. The 2ww can be stressful. I completely empathize with what you're feeling right now. There's a great website with some tips on how to cope with IF including some suggestions for coping during the holidays. Hope this is helpful! Take care of youfself.

  2. I hope you get a fabulous Christmas present! And that this week goes by so fast...

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I agree, it may help us both through this to follow one another since we are at about the same point in this journey. Fingers crossed that you get your Christmas wish!

  4. Thanks for the nice comment, I will be following along with you too. You are brave to test on Christmas Eve, I am holding off until Monday so I don't ruin my holiday. Good luck, hope you get a BFP!!

  5. Thank you so much for you comment on my blog. I have checked out your blog & are also now following. I have read some of your posts & it's amazing that I also have very similar emtions/thoughts/feelings, I suppose that is common in the infertility community. I do feel for you though in working with children, especially if you get endless questions asking if they are yours. I get this when I look after my nieces & nephews, it gets frustrating. Goodluck with your results this week. I have my fingers crossed for you....I hope you get your BFP for Xmas......

  6. Are you keeping busy? I am so glad to hear you have three very good friends. You are so lucky! :)
    My fingers are crossed and I am thinking positive that Christmas Eve you get the best present.. is your hubby holding up? You know..I am sure you will no be disappointing your hubby- he knows it is completely out of your control.