Monday, December 13, 2010

Had it with other people's children!

Today is Monday, which means back to work. Which for me means back to being around children. I care for children in my own home, so switching off and not thinking about children is never really an option for me. I have been in childcare for 10 or so years, and as I said, Ive had it with other people's children.

Probably over the past month it has started to get to me, I put all my energy and childcare skills and knowledge into other people's children and i've had enough.Im not about to pack up work but I guess it really Intensifies the fact that i do not have a child of my own. Im constantly surrounded by annoying mothers at playgroups etc, ranting and raving about sleeping, breast feeding and all that other crap. Ive even had the odd mother ask me why I dont have my own children! Bitches.... And everytime I have to explain that the boys I look after aren't mine, well its like taking a bullet. So over the last week or so iv'e been laying low at home as cant deal with it.

So today is another day closer to my result day. Im not analizing things yet, as still have quite some time to go, but i do constantly think about how Im meant to gather myself up if i get bad news and be all happy for xmas. My Gardener Guy is always really good, but even he is sometimes lost for things to say to me. I really sympathize with all these woman, and the next time one of those smug mothers ask you why you don't have children tell her "it's because I really don't want to risk bringing another child into the world as ugly as yours"!!! Go on I dare you!


  1. wow! I could not do your job at all at this point, no way I could manage to keep it together during a play group. Please try to find a way to take care of yourself.
    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.

  2. hahahah! I love it! Your blog...don't stop...I am getting such a good laugh. Not at your expense because I am right there with you....I cry sporadically and I am so emotional right now...I love that you speak so candidly is like you are in my head!!! So- when do you find out if you are pregnant? I want to know..good or bad. email me or send me a post or something...