Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Hi, This is my first blog entry about my journey to achieve the elusive positive pregnancy test I so long for. First of all i would like to apologize to anyone who may be reading this, on my terrible design effort, really is not my thing, but its not always about appearance, more what is deeper. Also not entirely sure why I have picked this weird picture of a baby in an egg shell???? Kinda cute?! Hmmmm........Although I haven't given birth, I am aware it will not come out looking clean and sleeping in an egg shell. Anyhow......

As written in my profile Information, me and my gardener guy are still struggling with this struggle we call infertility. After naturally trying for a long time and having my endometriosis removed I did think we would get pregnant, then after my appt to start our iui's i thought, yes these will work, but here we are at number 3 and waiting to see if this has worked.

I decided to start my own blog after having followed a few woman's blogs as I found it quite helpful for me. Im hoping this will help me get out some tricky emotions I have been battling with, perhaps writing it down will help. I also hope that if someone stumbles upon my blog that it will help them in some way.

So currently on 2ww (two week wait) of our 3rd IUI. Had so many up's and down's but am currently feeling ok..... OK is about all i can squeeze out. so please join me if you can handle putting up with my future rants.


  1. I find your pictures you choose perfect. Very unique. I have read your I said before..don't stop...I have found reading other blogs so helpful..we are not alone in this infertility bubble. It really is not spoken about publicly- lately it is just about everyone getting pregnant. I so wish at times I could scream it out...I love your blog.. :)

  2. thank you so much marilyn. Im starting to feel like blogging and reading other's is helping me too. I had got to a point where I really needed to find something and think I have.