Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time for some questions. ???

So, I have a few questions today and hope some of you can answer them. None of my friend's in the real world have done fertility treatment, so it's nice to share and get some answer's from fellow bloggers.

1. Did any of you Lady's on clomid put on any weight? I have put on 2kgs. Not sure if this is the clomid or because iv'e got nothing better to do than eat all day and night. Cant go out and do fun stuff as cant afford to (we have had to pay for all our treatment ourselves and in NZ that has been almost $6,000 for the 3 rounds) Cant go out for a drink with my friend's, as am not drinking obviously, and again no money to go out to bars. So food is my favourite past time at the moment....actually who am I kidding, food is always my favourite past time.

2. If you have done iui's and failed then moved onto IVF, how did you find it on your body, was it worse than iui's. Did you take more drugs etc..?

3. If you have had a successful positive pregnancy test (and sorry if you lost it) what were the pregnancy symptoms if any you noticed prior to positive blood test?

4. Have any of you had counseling or been to any support groups?

5. Do you often think that it's actually never going to happen to me? Im constantly like this, I think "well it's not going to happen, im going to be in this mood for ever so get used to it, this is my life". But then a few hours or days later ill be all " I think this time it's worked, I am feeling positive". loopy loppy!!

Thank you all for the nice comments so far and hope you like reading my blog.  Only 9 days till the blood test, jesus it's like counting down your last days on earth. Well perhaps not that bad, there's that dramatic part of me again!.


  1. #4- yes, have been to a local support group a few times, I found it great at the start and have made 2 good friends from it, but I don't often go now. Husbnad and I also had a free counselling session before starting IVF-well worth it!And I would consider paying for another session too at some stage.

    #5, yup, definitely feel like it's not going to happen sometimes, and yes-about an hour later I'm delirious with positivity, I guess that's why they call it a rollercoaster ride huh!

    Best of luck for your blood test in 9 days, will send lots of positive vibes your way!

  2. I have done IUI (with clomid and injectibles) and IVF, there was some weight gain with both, about 5-ish lbs each time that came off after the cycle. I see a therapist who is a fertility specialist and think it is the best thing I do every week. I highly recommend it.
    sedning lots of good thoughts your way.....