Friday, December 17, 2010

7 Days to go!

Only 7 day's to go till I get my blood test, or my stupid period turns up. I refuse to do an early result pregnancy test as have done that before and made myself worse, I kept thinking maybe it's wrong, and generally just drove myself mental.

I've now hit that mental stage, I think there's things going on with my body that probably aren't. I have bad skin at the mo, which seems a bit weird as normally don't get that till a few days before my period. But then again that could be anything. Other than that I did think my stomach felt weird earlier, but that has gone, so that probably wasn't anything.

Im looking forward to a break over Xmas and getting away for a few day's with just my husband. But when we do get back and get back to work and have our Specialist's Appt on the 17th Jan, Im fully prepared to throw myself back into it all, back into the drugs and give IVF a bloody good go. (that's assuming the worse, that this IUI hasn't worked). I will do whatever it takes, I will put my body through whatever I have to, this is my goal and Im not about to give up.

But seriously I really wonder how the hell this hasn't worked, My Gardener Guy has great sperm, My endometriosis has all been removed, we are doing the IUI's, god it's like I want to scream out "for god sake sperm, what the heck are you doing, your fast, your strong, the egg is right there, get in there!! dont be shy, it wont hurt you, DO IT DO IT" but no.......... or maybe they try really hard and my weird toxic body isn't into it.? According to all the nurse's that have done my IUI's I have a very tricky cervix. Well brilliant! Anyhow what can you do, lets just hope that one of those sperm took the plunge and though "hey im going to try something new here, and poke myself into that weird egg" and lets hope another one followed and did the same to the second egg. We would love twins, after all my husband need's some helper's in the garden.

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  1. oh- you must be getting a little anxious. Have you thought of thinking about the reality? I mean really going there. Names, what she or he will look like? Twins sound fun right? I am strangely hoping for twins. You are so funny! Do you yell at your hubby's sperm in front of him? Does he follow your blog? I finally gave my hubby the blog website. He is afraid of reading it. Thank god! have you told your families about it this cycle?