Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A touch of colour

A touch of colour is normally good. A touch of colour on your outfit = good. A touch of colour when you are decorating your house = good, A touch of colour on your eyes and lips = good, A touch of colour on my knickers = Bad.

Being only 2 days away from my results mean's im constantly checking down there. Any sign of colour for me means it's all over. As many of you will know this is just so horrible, and I almost become frightened to go to the toilet. If I dont see it, it hasn't really happened.

I don't really expect it to come early, my period is very polite like that and come's exactly when expected. But till the result I will continue checking down there, hoping for nothing. Sometime's I close my eyes then take a deep breath, give myself a pep talk and look! Is this just me? or do you do weird thing's too?

If I do happen to see a touch of colour, perhaps I should go out and buy a red dress, paint the house red and buy some fancy red lip stick. Just to colour co ordinate of course. Just as well my period doesn't arrive in an off green colour.!


  1. Thanks for stopping by, I hope neither of us sees red for 9 more months! I will following a long, keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP for you Friday. You are brave to get your results Friday, I am holding off until Monday, I don't want to ruin my Christmas.

  2. Oh my goodness! I so know what you are talking about! I check "down there" subconsciously now, even when I am not even close to my's become like a bad habit...hehehe! I will cross my fingers that this cycle is "the one" for you!!!

  3. oh my goodness. I think we all have been looking down there too much. I have a list from the last year of every color and dates of everything from first period, last day of period, plus ovulation and color and thickness. It's a lot of work. I can not wait until it is over really. I went to my first fertility doctor and I asked him if he wanted me to give him an overview. He looks less than excited..why the heck have i been doing all this! lol It was kind of humiliating!!! :)

  4. The old "wipe-check" is mandatory in the world of IF. Now you know why I'm the RED Powet Ranger and not the hot pink one or baby blue!! Best wishes!!

  5. Ah yes, I do the same thing - think about it on my way to the bathroom, and wipe away... Hoping! Hoping you don't see any color for a very long time!!!