Sunday, December 19, 2010

That's what friends are for

 To have good friends through this Infertility journey makes all the difference. Friend's who don't tire of hearing you constantly talk about your periods, your drugs, your moods, your doctor's appts, creepy things like sperm samples, vaginal examinations and all that grose stuff!. Friend's who want to hear about everything and follow your every step of the way, friends who really are genuinely interested. These are the type of friend's we should all have. Even if you just have one friend like this you are lucky, for me iv'e been fortunate enough to have 3 friends in particular who have really stood up to the plate for me and made me feel like whatever the next day brings they will still be around and will never stop supporting and fighting this fight with me. Although they don't fully understand what it's like (& I would never wish something like this upon them) that doesn't stop them from throwing themselves in with me and saying "up your's infertility, we are going to win"!

On more than one occasion we have likened ourselves to the "sex and the city" girls. We have never quite worked out which one of us is which one of them, but the concept is still the same, 4 woman who are different in many ways but at the end of the day all sit down together and have a cocktail and a damn good laugh. And constantly remain good friends. And that friendship is what get's me through hard time's. So if you read this and you know who you are, I can never thank you enough for the love and support you girls give me. I only hope one day my children find 3 such precious friends.x


  1. You are so cute!!! I can't wait for the day you ring us and tell us you have a bun in the oven and that we are all going to be Aunties! Thinking of you heaps and good luck for this Friday. eeeeeeeek!!!! xoxox PS no one EVER wanted to be Miranda

  2. thanks my lovely. Your right, miranda was never on the top of the list, although her style has certainly improved.