Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Rain, Screaming Children and Frizzy Hair

Rain, Screaming children and frizzy hair are not a good combo. Lets be honest, frizzy hair is never cool, now add the rain and the unhappy Children, well that's just a disaster!

It is so hot today and pouring with rain and the children I look after and my hair are not liking it! It is so humid. This week is horrible, Im ready for a break and my results and everything else just seems a pain.

I look outside, the rain stops, then oh no it comes back worse than before. I look at the kids, they are grumpy and quite frankly probably had a guts full of me, Goodness I must be like the most tedious person to spend a whole week with. poor buggers. I look at my hair and oh shit! the humidity is making it a frizzy mess. I put it up, I look worse, I put it down, it's dry..... We are having no luck today with anything. Yoghurt has been spilt on the floor, Poo's have been on the floor, tantrums have been had on the floor.

I think perhaps let's just go and stand out in the rain, ease the kids frustration's and my Frizz!


  1. Charlotte, you have no idea, the poo I deal with on a weekly basis is just wrong!

  2. eeew!!! does not sound fun..at all!!

  3. Not sure what's worse, poo or frizziness! Poo is easier to fix! Hope the sun comes up 2morro!

  4. What a mess! Hope you have sunny days ahead of you soon...