Saturday, January 29, 2011

The cost of a mini me

Look love, you have got $16,000 to work off, now get vacuming!
Is the world really ready for a smaller version of me. Well that's debatable. The mood I'm in at the moment there is no way we need another me. Perhaps our baby will be more like my Gardener Guy, although I fear that a child spending so much time with me will turn into me, minus a metre or so. (yes I'm practically the height of a child).

The cost of a mini me, so far has been $6,000 for 3 IUI's. That's not even mentioning all the blood tests that are $40 a pop. And now this IVF, well only 5 days in and we get a nice bill for $1308, That's just for a few days worth of drugs. Not that i really care, in the end our baby will be well worth the $16,000 plus it will end up costing. Holy crap! Guess who will start paying us rent when they are 2 years old? expensive bugger.

Well we are cycle day 5 and I think my mood has started to go from lovely to bearable to just plain nasty. I have been feeling very snappy and my Gardener guy has felt the force of this, poor man. He is holding up well though and when i realize I have been a bit evil, I do try to redeem myself. I also think I must be getting a bit emotional as while I was doing my tax return today, I started crying. Although this could have happened if I wasn't on any drugs, its just damn stressful and I'm clearly the thickest person in the whole country when it comes to figures and crap like that. It was crap! Again Gardener Guy tried to help and I snapped at him and said leave me alone I can do it! anyhow i sent the stupid thing so who cares. not me. I don't want to let that stress me out, that's all i need. On a lighter note I don't feel depressed or sad, I'm happy to be going through this and getting closer to our positive result.

Physically I feel good today, my headache seems to have gone today. But last night I felt pretty bad, felt really bloated and yuck and sickly. But after a good sleep last night I'm good today. long may it last.

Once again thank you for all the kind comments and support, hope you are all holding up ok and tolerating my moaning posts.I continue to follow many blogs and find them all so interesting and helpful. 

As a last word, the cost of a mini me may be high in dollar value, but that's fine, the cost of not having a mini me is far worse.  I cant wait!!!! bring on the baby.


  1. :) my husband likes to joke that our kid will have to get a job as soon as he/she can walk to help pay for all the treatments that it took to get them here. Clearly just kidding, but this stuff is expensive!!!!
    Good luck to you, hang in there.

  2. It sounds like you're doing a good job of keeping your eyes on the prize despite the injections and financial stress! It will be worth it! Good luck!

  3. Hooley Dooley, now I know why there is a baby boom with the rich and famous.. cause they can afford it! Before I was aware of blogging, I didn't know how much money IUI/IVF or any assisted conception cost. I spew at the specialist fees and acupuncture cost, heaven help me when we start some form of AC.

    But it is sooooo worth it.

  4. Thanks for all your support! I left you an award on my blog!

  5. First, I want to thank you for your support on my blog!
    You are so right - the cost of achieving a 'mini-me' is extreme - but the cost of not having one is far, far worse. Good luck!

  6. The cost of a mini-me - love it! I hate how expensive all these procedures are, I really do. Glad to hear you're keeping positive!

  7. can I be honest? .....I love this blog post! It is so honest..and comical..with the sarcasm. I am not very witty with sarcasm...but I respect it from others.